Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Linden Market. The first of many?

A first for a market?
Skateboard lessons for young and old?
Definitely the former, I am uncertain about the latter.
These guys did make it look REAL easy.

If you were waiting for a family member to complete their shopping extravaganza
then THIS would have been a great place to while away the time.

Many of these folks seated in 6th Street had a similar idea.
Neels Claasen, you and your family are just visible...

REAL books on sale!
This particular stall specialized in reading material for the youngsters.
The was a second hand book stall for the adults

Not to everyone's taste perhaps.
But, like flying wall mounted ducks,
perhaps these will become fashionable again?

There HAS to be a jumping castle...
But where were the Face Painters?

The dessert type food seemed to be on the field,
while the more savoury offerings were outside.

A protea instead of a head?
My niece was rather taken by this trench coat.
It was one of many retro clothing items on sale

I love it when items are "re-purposed".
Cement bags turned into shopping bags,a great idea

One of my favourite Linden shops...Orejen had a display.
Doors are perhaps not a Market item ,
but Jennifer was there to support the 'burb.

I was VERY restrained and I did not partake of any of these.
That being said, those who did try them said that they were DELICIOUS.

One suggestion for the organizers...
How about a sign on stage to tell us who the performers are.
The music was great and not too loud to cause neighbours to complain,
but I did want to know who I was listening to.

Hard at work...and not as easy as it looks.
Aside from caricatures, this artist had a range of her works on display.

Wriggly Tin opened a store in Linden not too long ago.
They have supported all the markets to date,
so Lindenites, please support their store.

Not the cricket team...
But not often seen in Johannesburg.

Beautiful hand crafted soft toys for baby...
Or an adult collector?

Perhaps, but I did have my eye on one of the suitcases.
I would like to see more of this type of stall at the next market.
Not reproduction posters, but the real deal please

This jewellery is made by a youngster who started it as a hobby.
Called "Alive", his work is stunning and each piece is unique
as it is hand made.

"What happened to the head"?
When I asked the stall holder she said
 I was not the first person to ask.
Perhaps next time her models WILL have heads.
Or perhaps she is making a gender neutral point for her clothing range?

And then I found a head as I was leaving...
My postings do not represent all the stalls and products
that were on offer.
Only the ones that caught my attention.
Oh, and as an aside to stall holders...
bring business cards, set up a Facebook page and/or a website.
There were some that had no contact details,
and if that is the case then you are doing yourselves a disservice.
If you cannot be found after the market,
then you won't be able to sell more of your products.
Just a thought.

To find out more about the market,
visit and "like" their Facebook page:
Congratulations to all concerned.
Considering that this was the first event of this kind
and this particular venue, I am certain that lessons were learned
and they will be actioned at the next Market.
And well done to Lindenites for supporting local traders.

All the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

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