Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Linden Market. What a success.

Crowds in 6th Street during The Linden Market today.
Linden High School was a good choice of venue,
as there was enough space for both visitors and stall holders.

This particular old Volkswagen was being used as a braai( barbecue)
Food being cooked in the front and Champagne being served from the boot.

There is NOTHING like a Boerewors roll at a market...

And I did like the way that they displayed their sauces.
Easier than having to ask each customer
what condiments to put on the roll

Feel like "fine dining"...
No problem.
The Chef Patron from our local French restaurant, A la Bouffe
was on hand to cater to those appetites.

I am not certain what products this stall holder was selling,
but I did like the sign

And I suppose that you could say that the sign
applied to THIS couple.

There was fresh produce on sale...

And reclaimed furniture.
Many of the stalls were offering re-purposed goods
of one sort or another.

The hipsters have moved in?

There were several food stalls set up on the main field.

I should have asked what "Coconut Bacon" actually is!

With the exception of the antiquities and collectables
most all of the products on offer were hand made.
And that is what sets this market apart from others.

If only I had space for this cupboard,
it would definitely come home with me.

The pancake stall sold out mid-afternoon.
A pity, as I really wanted to try one.
But a lesson learned, hopefully,
and it won't happen at the next event.
The woman who was working at this food-truck
was sitting next to it looking quite dejected.
I am uncertain if it should have been a "smiley" face...

This kiddies furniture was make entirely out of interlinking
cardboard pieces.
Well done to the manufactures.

The guy in the baseball cap seems to be doing a Godfather impression.
And eating with one hand while offering food with the other!
A man who can multi task...
Give that man a Bell's.

I had never seen these shoes before,
now I have seen them at two consecutive markets that I have attended.

There is beauty wherever you look.
These pieces were displayed in the corner of a larger stall.
Perhaps more exposure next time?

Well at least "someone" was happy...
To find out more about the market,
visit and "like" their Facebook page:
Congratulations to all concerned.
Considering that this was the first event of this kind
and this particular venue, I am certain that lessons were learned
and they will be actioned at the next Market.
And well done to Lindenites for supporting  local traders.

All the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

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