Monday, June 13, 2016

Do Bloggers get the recognition they deserve? I speak at the Attractions Management in Southern Africa 2016 conference.

I always enjoy it when the mayor of Cape Town
collects my luggage from the carousel for me.

Now you might have heard bull before about the
role that Bloggers have to play in modern digital marketing.
But suffice to say that I hope to persuade YOU,
that a proper Blog is a necessity rather than
a "perhaps-we-should-have" option

I wonder what would have Blog postings
might have been published during the Great Trek...

Conventional marketing does have a place within the digital "space"
And it will continue to do so as long as it perceived to be successful.
But is it?
I received a press release recently that said:
"Dear to whom it may concern".
If the company cannot even be bothered to find out who I really am
what does that say about their marketing strategy.

The new digital highway is paved with its own problems.
Because modern technology always is.
Power outages, Internet problems
and often tech staff who say that can fix/upgrade/design
when they cannot.

This leaves YOUR staff sweating,
especially when there are events that YOU want to
promote, or bring to the attention of the general public

But do you or your organization want to be trapped?
What happens when the staff member you have designated
to do your Blog decides to move on?
Or of more concern becomes bogged down by more pressing work?

By choosing to keep this form of marketing internal,
it could eventually, like the thorns on the Acacia, hold you back.
And become more of a problem than a solution.

If you look at an Aloe,
it sheds nothing as it grows.
It keeps both the old and the new in order to attain new heights

But what do you want for your company?
A quick fix sugar rush...

Or a fine dining meal,
that you will remember long after the plate is empty

Would you like to see "art" images on your site

Or does this more accurately portray what you have to say?
Blogging needs to be an almost daily occurrence.
Not only to keep readers coming back,
but to show that you are proud of your company
and what it has to offer.
Hence an external Blogger becomes an asset
and if compensated correctly will be able to
make certain that your product or service
is accurately and fairly represented.
It is not editorial that you are looking for,
it is experiential stories that will attract new visitors. 

At the end of the day,
you want your offering to provide stories
that will make others want to visit.

Or in this case,

One lucky delegate got to walk away with this 55cm Octolite suitcase.
Many thanks to Samsonite who provided it.

This is where the "magic" happens...

This is Princess,
who processed my reservation when I arrived
at Cape Town International Airport.
She was a breath of fresh air.Fun and efficient,
which seems to be the norm at this company.
In my dealings with Europcar to date
 I have only met with friendly and efficient staff
who have a passion for their customers.
Based on my experiences over the past several months
and in five different cities, I highly recommend them.
Europcar, the official car rental supplier
to "Travel & Things"

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