Monday, June 6, 2016

The Ultimate You Challenge. Week 3

Think on this:
"How do you eat an Elephant? One piece at a time".
Often we are so focussed on the end goal,
we forget about the journey that will get us there.
We tend to challenge ourselves with impossible tasks,
and when we fail (and in the beginning we might)
we "give up" or call ourselves "losers".
But are we?
If we were to set goals that are achievable, with effort,
is that not better that "throwing in the towel?"
Each of us will have our own perception about success and failure.
Do not measure yourself again anyone else.
Challenge only YOURSELF to achieve greatness.
Make YOURSELF the best YOU can be.

And yes the choice WAS mine!
At lunch time on Sunday, I really wanted a piece of this carrot cake.
 I resisted the temptation and had had my cappuccino without it.

Three weeks in and I have come to realize that it is NOT
only about weight loss...
Eventually, I have come to realize that as I train,
I pick up muscle mass...but I am losing cm's.
And THAT is what is important.
The challenge has also "returned" me to my first love...
And the running goals that I set at the beginning of the
challenge are being bettered on a weekly basis.
My goal was to run a 32 minute 5km by Week 8.
My current best time is 29.01!

This is what I want to look like in my final challenge photograph...

 BATZ BUDDIES will rise to the occasion.
 Dad (David) and Daughter(Jayne) have joined forces to support and encourage
each other (and the other teams) to do their best.
My daughter and I will get to visit with each other
this week and I am looking forward to posting some pictures of us both.
Her support and encouragement has been crucial to me.
Not only did she encourage me to enter this UYC,
but to making certain that I stick to the "plan".
Often when I crave a piece of cheesecake,
I  resist, knowing that it will affect the final
 "team" outcome of this Challenge.

I could not have said it better myself.
In a sea of cynicism, jealousy and often vitriol,
I find the groups involved the various challenges
to be the absolute antithesis.
They all seem to be supportive, nurturing and caring.
May you all attain the goals that you are striving to achieve.

Jayne is working with this team
and from what I have seen on Facebook,
they are an incredibly supportive and motivated group.

This is another team that has caught my attention.
I wish you all the best for your collective goals.

Follow me as I tackle what might well be the toughest
fitness challenge I have volunteered for.
The challenge starts on May 16 and will run for 8 weeks.

Some of the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

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