Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 5, The Ultimate You Challenge.

Think on this:
I got my first tattoo when I turned 40.
A meaningful moment in my life as I had just got divorced
and I believe that I was trying to make a statement.
The tattoo was part of a Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoon
and I had not really thought it through properly.
23 years later and I tend to forget that I have it 
on the back of my left shoulder.
In the intervening years, I have have had 
several more pieces done, all of which ARE meaningful
Fast forward to 2016, and this, my latest "ink".
This is a Phoenix...
done to honour myself for constantly changing,
adapting and coming back stronger and more committed.
Like this mythical bird, I have faced the fire,
but I have never let those external factors get to me for too long.
I would be lying if I said that I have "bounced back" on every occasion.
But, more often than not, I have.
I have used adversity to my advantage and it has made me stronger
and more resolute.
What have YOU had to overcome to get to where YOU 
currently find yourself?
Remember, it is up to YOU to be the best that you can be.

Learn to make your choices timeless...
You did not accept this challenge for a minute,
a day, a week or even a month.
Hopefully you will experience some form of positive change
that will remain with you for LIFE.
For me, if I think back to my Healthy Habits Challenge,
what has remained with me is the "be mindful of what you eat".
I am not obsessive about it, but I am very aware
of what and how I am eating.
Especially if it is an animal protein.
I am truly thankful that something has given its life,
in order for me to enjoy a meal.

This is what I want to look like in my final challenge photograph...

 BATZ BUDDIES are rising to the occasion.
 Dad (David) and Daughter(Jayne) have joined forces
to support and encourage
each other (and the other teams) to do their best.
I got to visit my daughter in Cape Town this week.
This is an updated image.
Her support and encouragement continue be crucial to me.
Not only did she encourage me to enter this UYC,
but she is making certain that I stick to the "plan".
This is what my team mate had to say:
This is the Ultimate YOU Challenge for a reason. 
Because it is such a personal challenge/journey. 
One were you can truly only hold yourself accountable (groups and friends help a lot!!! 
But at the end of the day it is just you!) 
This Challenge has been a lot more trying for me- maybe because it is Winter,
 maybe because January's resolution to change is waning, maybe maybe maybe...? 
But... I am still here.
This is a point, when I notice people can start to feel defeated.
 "Oh look how much further others are than me!"
 " I will never win, so might as well throw in the towel!"
 This is a point where I know I feel easily defeated, and I know I am not alone. 
Scales not budging, cms not falling off, frustration at a high.... 
But... I am still here. Why?!
Because this is my body, and this is still my desire to change. 

My body doesn't leave me in 8 weeks, we don't part ways if it 'doesn't work out'. 

This is the Ultimate reminder... this is not just a challenge... 

this is my desire to change my way of life!

It was my birthday during the course of the week.
I did think about "eat clean, train dirty"
in order to "earn" my birthday cake.
And  NO I did not actually have the Brussels Sprout as a cupcake.
I did achieve two goals on my birthday,
namely, my weight dropped 1kg,
meaning that since I started with Sleekgeek
I have dispensed with 6kg!
And my 5km time came down to 28.02.
I have found that if I "allow" myself certain foods,
then I do not binge...which is a good thing.

I could not have said it better myself.
In a sea of cynicism, jealousy and often vitriol,
I find the groups involved the various challenges
to be the absolute antithesis.
May you all attain the goals that you are striving to achieve.

This week it is time to try out this new "device"
I am told that it works really well if you;
a) Do not put batteries in
b) It works even better if you do not take it out of the box!
Many thanks to Quantifi for loaning it to me.
It did take me some time to set up this device as
I was slack about reading the instructions that came with the device.
The Smart Body Analyser can be used as a stand alone device,
or in conjunction with a free phone app
that can be used either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
The default setting is Imperial measurements,
so remember to change the settings to metric.
This can be done using easy to follow instructions on the Withings website.
There is about a 1+kg variance between my current scale
and this device,with the latter being the higher weight.
My body fat % was higher than I expected,
and I am told, is the more important measurement.
 I will be monitoring this very closely
over the final few weeks of the Challenge.
The body fat % has re-motivated me,
and has given me another goal to strive for.
Stay tuned to more exciting "Tales from the scale"...

Jayne is working with this team
and from what I have seen on Facebook,
they are an incredibly supportive and motivated group.

I am hoping that this team is on track?
I wish you all the best for your collective goals.

I really like the team names,
and the logos that they have designed.
I trust that by the end of this challenge,
this team will be able to change the "MUST FALL"

I do like this logo and team name.
Will it be seasonal, or is it a "once off"...
I hope that both individually and as a team
you achieve all your goals.

Follow me as I tackle what might well be the toughest
fitness challenge I have volunteered for.
The challenge starts on May 16 and will run for 8 weeks.

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a Canon SX60HS.

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