Friday, July 1, 2016

Andy's Acoustic Forum, June 2016

Andy Mac kicking off the evening.
He was a VERY tired host, having stepped off
an International flight earlier in the day

Even though it is an "acoustic" evening,
there is a lot of cabling required to get the audio to sound great.
It also seems that the "standard" acoustic guitar
can be made to sound like a full orchestra with the
addition of a variety of foot peddles

As a youngster, he used to work in Andy's shop.
And he even referred to Andy as "Sir"...

He is now based in Cape Town
and he no longer calls Andy "Sir".
For an opening act, his set was fresh and exciting.
It also set the tone for the evening.
One of the best line-ups that Andy has put together.

Bruce Dennill
A man of many talents,
the songs that he performed were truly awesome

I have "followed" Bruce's musical journey over the years,
and in fact I interviewed him after his first CD was published.

Tonight was definitely his finest hour...
well not really and hour, more like 20 minutes or so.
Both his guitar work and his vocals have matured
and his lyrics reflect his life experience over the past few years

He did have a "senior moment" when he got up
to collect a cappo from his guitar case...
and forgot that his guitar was still plugged in!
But aside from that, and frozen finger syndrome,
his set was superb.
Find his current EP on iTunes.
Called "Exit Strategies" it features
one of the best songs he has written to date.
The song...called "Whole".
Thanks to Bruce for allowing me to use it on this posting.

Yohan Song
From South Korea originally,
he now lives in Pretoria.
His guitar work was "jaw-droppingly" spectacular.

As he told the audience, his English is not great,
but his playing is!
He did an instrumental set featuring the four seasons,
that had me enraptured.

This particular guitar, hand made by an Italian,
is Yohan's secret weapon.
I have NEVER heard a guitar sound this pure before.
It sent shivers down my spine,
and it got the audience shouting for an encore.

Rowan Stuart and Andy...
Based in Durban, this duo does make an occasional foray to Gauteng.
They are currently on a nationwide tour.

Rowan Stuart.
I have heard this singer/songwriter before
and I do like his music.
People who know more about music styles than I do,
have compared him to Jackson Browne.
High praise indeed.

and Andy.
There is something about bass players...
Andy did not say a word the entire set!

L Song
Also from South Korea,
but no relation to Yohan.

As two of the earlier acts did extra songs,
L had to wait, patiently, for his turn on stage.

And for those audience members, myself included,
who stayed on, we were rewarded with another fine instrumental set.

I have NEVER seen this cord before,
but the sound that he was able to produce,
almost defied description.
He had the crowd begging for more,
a tribute to his virtuoso performance.
It was his first time at one of these evenings,
and I hope that it will not be his last.

Well done to Andy for putting together such a superb line-up.
It is going to be very hard to beat!
The next event will take place at Marks Park
on Wednesday,27th July.
Please remember the new start time of 19h30.
Wrap up warm and please bring torches to aid with the lighting.

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