Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Spring is coming Challenge, my lone voyage until 01/09/2016

Think on this:
How many of us that have completed Heat 1 and Heat 2 feel like a river? 
You have direction, but at the moment you are meandering along
 rather than flowing at full force?
 I do believe, that just like a river ebbs and flows with the changing seasons, 
the Sleekgeek community might feel the same. 
What is most important is "Don't dry up"...
make certain that you are able to keep flowing
...even if it is just a trickle

My new challenge started under the July full moon.
How will it work?
I want to consolidate what I have learned and gained from
the 30 day Healthy Habits Challenge
as well as the Winter version of
The Ultimate You Challenge.

Certainly there will be a reasonable amount of biltong.
It is far healthier than alternative snacks...
and my neighbourhood butchery has GREAT biltong.

I have almost completely done away with these empty calories.
Luckily for me I no longer eat chocolate...
as I have no control once I start with a slab...or two.
I have been chocolate free since 2009 
and I am proud of that fact.
I do not take sugar in either tea or coffee,
neither do crisps temp me the way that they used to.

Nothing wrong with a salad in winter...
and all the colours are represented on this plate.

Lots of water.
It helps with hydration (obviously)
as well as weight loss.

Yes, there WILL be pizza.
But I have learned that a pizza does not need to be finished 
in one sitting...neither do I have to feel guilty.
 Only half of the pizza is delivered to the table.
The other is taken home to be enjoyed at a later time.
Yes, I could have a smaller pizza, 
but that would just NOT be the same. 

It is unfortunate that my daughter will not be joining me on this part of my journey.
She has set her own goals and challenges.
And, in a way, part of my challenge is to tackle this alone.

This is how I finished at the end of the UYC.
If I can do this at 63, I am certain that YOU can too.
Of course both my running and  gym work WILL continue.
I intend to do at least one 21.1km run in August,
just to get to enjoy distance running once more.
After feeling unwell few days, my Challenge
kicked off with a 5.5km run at a very relaxed pace.
And boy, was I looking forward to being back on the road.
Self imposed "rest days" are well and good,
but they have a habit of becoming weeks and months.

Many thanks to Quantifi for loaning this to me.
The Smart Body Analyser can be used as a stand alone device,
which can be used either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
There is also a phone App that works with both iPhone and Android handsets.
According to the SBA, my starting body fat %  is 21.1,
My weight is 87.5, and my waist size in 93.
My goals for this challenge?
To get my body fat % down to 19.5%
My weight to 84.5kg
and my waist to 92.
Are these attainable?
They can be, if I apply myself with consistency and commitment.

I am finally going to break the chain of bad habits,
and learn to live the Sleekgeek way.
I do hope that Elan reaches 100000 participant target.
It is amazing how easily we fall into "bad" habits.
However, it seems to take us far longer to develop
 (and maintain) those that are good for us.

This is how I will celebrate on September 1!
There is NOTHING like the taste of boerewors that has been
 cooked over an open flame.
To quote Prof Harry Seftel : "Everything in moderation".
By practicing that, all of us can live healthier and longer 
and more productive lives.
It can also prevent binge eating...
and the negativity that that brings. 

It ain't over till I say it is...
That being said, I will continue with my own
"Spring is coming Challenge".
Officially the new season starts on September 1,
which is, would you believe, 8 weeks away.

Follow me as I tackle this "self-inflicted" challenge,
that will end on September 1, 2016

Some of the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

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