Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Henry George Gallery, Parkhurst. Johannesburg

Saturday morning...
Wife and I at a loose end...
What to do?
How about an art gallery?
Why looks like this one is OPEN!

Darryl George Gray,
owner of the Henry George Gallery in Parkhurst
chatting to us about some of the local artists that he promotes.
Darryl told us that the gallery has been open for two years
and is now becoming a known entity within the art community.

The gallery is contained in an old house that has been re-purposed 
in order to show off the works in the best light
This is called "Bird of Prey",
by Sid Foreman.
It is a limited edition bronze and sells for R40000.00
That being said, there are works to suit almost every pocket.

I was going to say that this bronze was modelled
on a Blue Bulls player, 
then I realized that he HAD the ball...
so he must be one of the Lions...
The artist is Heidi Hadaway

Staying with the sporting theme.
Entitled "The Diver",
this is another work by Heidi Hadaway.
For me it worked both lit from the front and back.

An installation piece entitled
"Light the fire"...
Not was wood for the fireplace.

Did you ever think that you might see a notice like this?
And if so, might you think, like I did for a moment,
that it was a satirical art work,
rather than an ACTUAL sign?

When mechanics meets art...
Made by artist Jean Paul Lemmer,
this is called "The Melody Machine"
and YOU can take it home for R50000.00

Yes, this "piano" does play if the handle is cranked
and the chain turns a variety of different cogs etc.
But is it music...or is it art?
The sound is rather discordant, 
but it is recognizable as music.

I did not get to try this "music machine"
by the same artist.

A working art work.
Now you know what can be done with empty bottles.
You can turn them into a table lamp.

I really do like this work.
"Memories of Noordhoek" by Anton Benzon
On sale at R10500.00

Beautiful in its simplicity.
"Who did this" by Sam Nhelengethwa,
is available at R8200.00

One of two pieces that we purchased.
This is by Thando Ngwenya, local artist that Darryl promotes
and whose works are selling really well.
What did we pay?
Significantly less than the work by Sam Nhelengethwa

If you visit, enquire about this initiative.
The proceeds go to a worthy cause.

This piece by Heidi Hadaway can be found in the garden
in front of the gallery.
Price tag? 
I was afraid to ask.

This "work" did have a sign that stated
"Use at own risk".
So I am uncertain if it is an item for a playground
or an ACTUAL artwork.
I never did get to find out...

The gallery can be found at 45 6th Street, Parkhurst.
It is well worth a visit and 
perhaps like us you too will invest in some of our local artists.

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