Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ultimate You Challenge,Heat 1. My overview.

Some of my thoughts on the Challenge.
What have I learned and, more importantly,
how will I continue to benefit going forward?

I have learned to be more "adventurous" when I eat.
That being said, at 63, I am rather set in my ways
when it comes to food preferences.
I discovered the joy of Sushi for the very first time in 2016.
Others might laugh, but it was a "big step" for me.
It even won out when a recent choice was either Sushi or fish & chips.
That choice even surprised my wife!

Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli
 have become "friends" and more often than not
they can now be found on my lunch/dinner plate.
I have also found that I can no longer eat large portions.
One meal now often becomes two,
especially at our local pizzeria.
The staff only serve me a half a pizza,
with the remaining half going home with me.
I suppose that I could order a "small" pizza,
but as far as I am concerned pizza only comes in "LARGE".

I have returned to road running...
which has been a huge confidence booster.
I started running in 1981, and for several years
I was an active competitor in a variety of long distance events.
From Comrades Marathon to Iron Man, I tackled them all.
Then I lost interest...
My love of the road was re-kindled briefly in the early 2000's,
but not at the same level.
It was only when I started the 30 day Healthy Habit Challenge,
that I made a concerted effort to get back on the road.
To date, the furthest I have run is 16km's but I intend to do a 21.1km
in the not too distant future.
I am running 3 days a week and I am enjoying getting fit again,
even in winter..

Will I give up cake totally?
I don't think so,
but I know that I will not be eating it on a regular basis.
Unless it is CHEESECAKE...
there is ALWAYS room for that.

This is now my snack of choice...
Fortunately, or not, our local butchery makes GREAT biltong.
As it is only a couple of blocks from our house,
I can get exercise by walking there and back.

And I can make my own smoothies at home from a variety
of fresh ingredients at my disposal...

This Challenge has made me walk taller
and regain the confidence that I lost
due to weight gain and being unfit.
I lost a total of 30cm and brought my body fat down to 21.6%
Both of which I am VERY happy with.

Without my daughter/team mate, Jayne,
NONE of my accomplishments would have been possible.
I would like to see more parent/ child combinations
in upcoming Challenges.
I believe that even though we had a strong bond pre-Challenge,
we have learned more about each other and our goals and aspirations
over the course of the Challenge.

Many thanks to Quantifi for loaning this to me.
The Smart Body Analyser can be used as a stand alone device,
which can be used either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
There is also a phone App that works with both iPhone and Android handsets.
According to the SBA, my current body fat %  is 21.6,
My finish weight was 87.5, so not much movement there.
That being said, I have lost about 7kg's since the beginning of the
30 day Healthy Habit Challenge.
My waist down from 99 to 93cm, and similar losses
in all the other measurement areas!

There is NO such thing as a free lunch.
You get out what you put in.
I intend to continue with my current exercise regime
in order to be prepared for the next Ultimate You Challenge

It ain't over till I say it is...
That being said, I will continue with my own
"Spring is coming Challenge".
The new season starts on September 1,
which is, would you believe, 8 weeks away.
Anyone want to join me?

Follow me as I tackle what might well be the toughest
fitness challenge I have volunteered for.
The challenge starts on May 16 and will run for 8 weeks.

Some of the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

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