Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wildlife images from my recent trip to Madikwe Private Game Reserve.

Elephants make great subjects.
The interactions between adults and
youngsters are always fun to watch

Young elephants have to "learn"
how to use their trunk.
Watching them at a waterhole, as they try to figure out
how it works is interesting.
Often they will just splash about, spilling more than they
actually drink.

One of Africa's "silent" killers.
The Nile Crocodile can be deadly both in and out of the water.

I believe that the African Buffalo should be Number 1
on the "Big 5" list.
It is one of the most dangerous animals to hunt,
and given their size, whole herds are able to "hide"
in the bush without being seen.
They are certainly NOT "cows-with-attitude"
and as a result of being so elusive,
they are a favourite of mine.
They can be difficult to photograph
given their colouring.

This baby White Rhino was quite interested to see who we were.
Mom was not too happy about that and made certain that her offspring
did not get too close to our vehicle.

This Brown Hyena seems to be having a bad hair day.
The Hyena uses this behaviour when it is stressed
in order to appear larger than it is for defence purposes

A least one of the lions on our visit decided to play along
and actually sit up so that I could capture this.
Perfect lighting in the late afternoon.

My favourite image from the week.
It seems to prove that cats can look awkward when getting up. 

A first for me...mating lions.
The mating behaviour can get quite vocal and aggressive.
The actual "act" only lasts for a few moments,
but it is repeated hundreds of times over the course of a few days.

This is the result...

Could you imagine how scared human children would be of
their mothers if our Mom's had teeth THIS big

A bonding moment for two Cheetah brothers.

They spent a few minutes grooming each other without
seeming to be intimidated by our presence.

Time for some scent marking.

The tallest land mammal.
The Giraffe seems to have a special appeal for International visitors.

This Impala ram had procreation on its mind.
A little early in the year for this behaviour,
which is probably why it was unsuccessful in his quest.

One of the most beautiful and photogenic animals in Africa.

From the hide at The Bush House.
I was able to get REALLY close without feeling that I was in any danger.
Hides should be a MUST for every game lodge.
If it was not for the fact that I have been on a
quest to find a Pangolin since 1966,
I would have "camped" out in this hide
and not gone on any of the drives offered.

And I was able to get images like this.
A very special waterhole/hide.
The Bush House hide was the first of its kind in Madikwe.

To all the rangers and staff at the Lodges I visited.
I learned new information about some of the animals
AND I was able to get some awesome images.

This is Refilwe, at the Sandton office.
What a pleasure to deal with!
With her big smile she is the epitome of what this company portrays.
 Friendly and efficient staff who have a passion for their customers.
Based on my experiences over the past few months
and in five different cities, I highly recommend them.
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