Monday, July 11, 2016

Wildlife on game drives from The Bush House, Madikwe Private Game Reserve.

I go to the bush with no expectations.
Other that an ongoing quest to see a pangolin.
 Klipspringers are usually skittish and bolt as soon as a game vehicle stops.
By staying, this was an unexpected, but very welcome shot

Are buffalo curious or are they looking for something?
To me it seems that I owe them money,
and they are looking to collect.
Cows with attitude...not really.

Post meal nap...
Lions are REALLY good at this.

Not something you want to find just before you put a foot down.
Lions can virtually disappear into vegetation.

At least one of the pride is awake!

THIS is why I love Africa.
Just before sunrise on a chilly morning game drive

One of the "Little 5"
A Buffalo Weaver, fluffing up its feathers in the cold morning light.
This was a first for me.

A first for the ranger that I was with.
This young female was VERY skittish
and I only managed to get one image
before she vanished.

Zebra in the early morning light...stunning!

An unusual sighting...
A Red Hartebeest, the second fastest antelope in Africa

"Who/what are you",
is what this female Kudu seems to be trying to figure out.

A Black Backed Jackal.

A female warthog...
looking like she is practising dance steps.

A long cool drink for this Elephant

What is this...
It looks like a Martial Eagle to me

A trio of Banded Mongoose,
see how they run?

Not Three Blind Mice,
but Three Lively Squirrels.
Ground squirrels can make for some entertaining moments on a drive

A spiders web in the early morning light

Matabele ants on the march.
These have just returned from raiding a termite nest.
They are carrying termite larvae with them,
which will become food for the ant colony.

A beautiful butterfly.

This is Refilwe, at the Sandton office.
What a pleasure to deal with!
With her big smile she is the epitome of what this company portrays.
 Friendly and efficient staff who have a passion for their customers.
Based on my experiences over the past few months
and in five different cities, I highly recommend them.
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