Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wildlife on game drives from Tau Game Lodge, Madikwe Private Game Reserve.

During this trip to Madikwe,I got to see more buffalo
 than I have on almost all my previous visits combined.
Either you spend DAYS searching for these elusive "critters",
or you end up in the middle of large herds.
Luckily, this time it was the latter.

A White Rhino and her calf...
this is how rhino should be seen.
Not lying bloated with horns missing.
Rhino calves are VERY inquisitive,
and given the opportunity, will come to investigate the vehicle

A Brown Hyena,
looking really sleek and well groomed.

A moment later and something had
literally got every hair to stand on end.
Hyena do this when they are stressed.

A rather uncomfortable looking pose as this lioness gets up

One of my favourite predator shots from the trip

A first for me...mating lions.
This behaviour can go on for days...and almost every 15-20 minutes.
The actual "act" is over in a matter of seconds,
but the interaction and violence that accompanies it
is interesting to observe.

A family group of White Rhino...
This rhino species is the more placid than their Black cousins,
who always seem to be "in a mood".

The business end of an elephant.
Tusks can be used for defence, attack or rooting out food.
You can also if a particular animal is left or right "handed"
depending on wear on the dominant tusk 

The other end...
Once and elephant loses tail hair,
 it does not regenerate

Impala are usually the first animals seen
when you arrive in a game reserve.
They are usually seen on a daily basis and in large numbers.
As a result, they tend to get ignored,
which is a pity because,
in the right light the rams are beautiful

"Here's looking at you"...
A "wonky" ear adds to the character of this Giraffe.

A pair of cubs,
doing what cubs do...
pose for pictures,


or look cute.

But they soon know if they have made "Dad" angry

These Cheetah brothers are part of a new coalition that was recently
released into the reserve

When we stopped for sundowners,
this White Rhino appeared
and seemed to want to join us.

Tshukudu Dam offering a spectacular sunset.
This is one of the few dams in Madikwe that still  relatively full,
a big problem seeing that rainfall has not met expectations.

A Spotted Eagle Owl...
A great way to end off a drive.

This is Refilwe, at the Sandton office.
What a pleasure to deal with!
With her big smile she is the epitome of what this company portrays.
 Friendly and efficient staff who have a passion for their customers.
Based on my experiences over the past few months
and in five different cities, I highly recommend them.
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