Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Election Day in Ward 99. Johannesburg.

I had to spend an hour at the local Home Affairs office
 to get a temporary ID document as I had misplaced my ID book.
This was an event filled hour, with antiquated systems
and limited manpower.
That being said, I made new friends, shared some laughs
and even did push-ups because I had lost a bet.
The hour was broken down into 50 minutes of waiting
and 10 minutes of paperwork.
My wife and I, finally ready to brave the cold, blustery wind
 headed off to our local voting station.
Elections 2016 seems to be emotionally charged this year

But first, a healthy breakfast at a restaurant opposite the voting station.
I think the owner had underestimated the number of customers
he would attract, but although stretched to the limit,
his staff...and the kitchen...coped very well.

Our suburb falls within Ward 99,
and as residents, we were spoiled for choice.
On the other side of this pole was a poster for the EFF.

The IEC were out in force,
making certain that proper procedures were being followed
and that all voters got to cast their ballots.

Young and old came to make certain that their "voice" was heard.
It was interesting to me that people were prepared to wait for hours in a queue,
but wanted to park as close to the voting station as possible.

Like 1000's of South Africans,
I proudly share my thumb "selfie".

Just to prove that I was there...
and my wife's thumb, photo-bombing the picture.

All good...
Representatives from three parties share a moment together.
The Presiding Electoral officer, ANC, VF Plus and DA.

Andrew Miller, The ANC Counsellor candidate for Ward 99.
I spent a couple of hours driving around the Ward with him.
Visiting polling stations and sharing some of the Voting day excitement.

There are several steps to checking voters in.
This was the first one...scanning ID books.
I was not allowed to take pictures inside the voting hall.

While the voters waited in queues,
someone had to feed the volunteers.
Andrew Miller (ANC) steps up to the plate to deliver food
to the ANC members manning the various stations.

Aaron, our driver for the day enjoying breakfast/lunch
while I was taking pictures.

I am certain that animals do not have the vote...yet.
Perhaps she was there to lend her owner moral support.

Andrew, meet Andrew...
The next "project" for all the candidates/parties,
is to remove all the voting posters within 14 days.

While driving around Linden,
I discovered this garden/wall of Remembrance
dedicated to fallen SAPS members.
It is situated in the grounds of the Linden Police Station.

This is the memorial that can be found opposite the Wall of Remembrance,
 was erected in honour of the fallen officers.
The inscription on the plaque reads:
"In gratitude to those who serve and in 
sorrow to those who have died"

Andrew Miller (ANC), Gary Allen (DA)
and the outgoing Ward Counsellor Bruce Herbet (DA)
share some sun on a chilly day.
Bruce retired from public office today...we thank him for his services
to the Ward and wish him well for the future.

And so ends another voting milestone in our country.
Now we await the results with eager anticipation.
Good luck to ALL the candidates and the parties that they represent.

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