Monday, August 1, 2016

I Objekt. Curated by Gordon Froud at Art It Is, Parktown.

Curated by the "guru"(in my opinion) of found art.
Gordon Froud, it will certainly open eyes and minds
to what is possible with re-purposed items.

I have driven past this house for several years,
but this was my first visit.
Situated on Chester road, it is easily accessible
to visitors coming from all over Johannesburg

This paperclay piece by Mandi Friedman
is entitled "The Skull"
and it can be yours for R3800.00

This is one of several pieces by Gordon Froud on display.
This is called "Spiked Rhino"
and is a found object reworked.

Another by Gordon.
"Skeletal Amphitheatre"
Reworked Violin and Piano pieces.

My art mentor, Yannis Generalis,
was responsible for this piece.
"Totem Stack 11",
it is made of  commodities and packaging tape.

Yannis was also the artist behind this...
"Santa Commodita".
Made from industrial steel and wood casing, graphite,
packaging tape and commodities.
Yours for R8300.00

Called "Kiem/Nucleus,
this piece by Marinda du Toit
is selling for R8000.00

Retha Buitendach is responsible for this...
"Wimoweh Wimoweh Mask"
Made of a guitar and found objects
 it will cost you R4200.00

The gallery is actually part house and part exhibition space.

One of the two pieces that I have up for sale.

These soap bars took me back to my childhood,
when Sunlight soap was used to do the laundry.
Artist Sarel Petrus  made this and called it "Skoonheid"
Made of bronze it has a price tag of R11200.00

One of my favourite pieces on the show...

I have a fascination for skulls...and it seems  that Ann-Marie Tully does as well.
"Lieutenant-Colonel William Nutt"
 is made of bone china and costs R3800.00

Take a close look at the frame...all sorts of superheroes!
Jaco van Schalkwyk
"Mother what me shall befall"

If you have books that are meaningful to you,
then Chris Reinders can incorporate them into his work.
Called "Justice 1" and created in mixed media...
each sells for R2000.00

Part of a piece by Ruhan Janse van Vuuren.
Entitled "1 Object" is is made of patinated Bronze
and costs R33600.00

One of my favourite artists,
Sybrand Wichers and his work "Objectifier"
Made of steel, anything placed in the bowl portion
becomes an...object!

These hand painted spoons are truly beautiful.
Made by John Robberts, they are described as oil on found object.
They cost R1120.00 each and are selling really fast.
When I visited there were 13
 and one had already been sold.

"Call it a flower" by Louise Kritzinger
 made of Polymer resin it costs R680.00

Even old bottle tops and metal lids can be re purposed.
Eve de Jong made this and is asking R3000.00 for it.

This exhibition will be open to the public
until the 20th August.
It is well worth a visit

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