Thursday, August 18, 2016

I visit Maropeng and the Maropeng Boutique Hotel in the Cradle of Humankind.

It has been three years since I last visited this tourist attraction.
Situated less than an hour from either Johannesburg or Pretoria
it should be on everyone's bucket list.

Seen from the East, the building seems to be settled into the ground.
After several environmental impact studies, the visitors centre 
was designed and built in such a way as to be in the ground
and not "perched" on top.

The centre atrium, looking skywards.
There is a fountain at the foot of this stairwell 
that leads up the Tumulus Restaurant on the first floor.
The foyer offers guests a lot of information about
the history of mankind, both in the area as well as globally.
This is not a quick in and out type visit,
take your time to absorb all the facts that are on offer.

And speaking of food...
a very tasty buffet lunch was "on the menu" when I visited.

And, of course, dessert!
This restaurant is very popular over weekends and public holidays
and booking you table in advance is recommended.

Part of the front of the main building,
with the flags proudly flapping in the wind.

The media group that I was part of had come here to launch Isivivane,
a Zulu name that refers to a pile of stones left by travellers. 

And the rock (with my name engraved) 
will eventually form part of that pile.

This is the way that you enter the exhibition centre at Maropeng.
It brings new meaning to the expression...
"Going back through a tunnel of time".

Inside the display at Maropeng

Another part of the display hall.

Real fossils are kept in this room and as a result
strict security is enforced when there are people here.

The Maropeng Boutique Hotel can be found within walking distance
of the visitors center.
Like the centre, it to is built into the land, therefore having less impact
than a traditional building

The late afternoon sun lights the reception area.

A couple of guests enjoying sundowners on the deck

As the sun dips below the horizon,
guests can make their way into dinner

The reception foyer at night.

The passage that leads to the accommodation wing

Dinner...and what a dinner it was!

An Astronomy presentation ended off the evening.
Cloud cover had crept in during the talk
which meant that only Saturn...

And the moon were visible.
But a wonderful way to end of a busy schedule

Early morning in the Cradle.
This is the view from the patio outside my room.

My room, spacious and welcoming.
The hotel also has wheelchair accessible accommodation
and there are ramps to all the public areas.

Time for breakfast, before heading home.

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