Monday, August 1, 2016

Joziburg Lane at 1 Eloff Street

Time to head back to down town Johannesburg...
To this iconic blue and yellow building,
that is home to Joziburg Lane market

A view of part of the city skyline
as seen through the window of the rooftop parking

One of the spaces that seem to be well utilised.
You can rent apartments in the building,
which puts tenants in the heart of the city

Perhaps a bit chilly for this beverage,
but we can always put a couple away
for when the weather warms up

There were fewer vendors selling goods this time round.
The craft products that were on sale had a definite ethnic feel to them.
A new section of 1 Eloff Street, called the E1 Traders Market
will be home to the craft vendors soon.

A rear view of the building.
The deck can be used for a variety of events,
or as it was when I visited, a eating area.
Joziburg Lane will open permanently in September, 2016.
It will be open from Tuesday-Saturday every week.
It will be home to a selection of retail stores,
that will culminate in the food hall/events area.

Buy your food from the downstairs food court,
and then bring it upstairs to sit and enjoy it.
And not on polystyrene or paper plates either.
The food that I had for lunch was served
on proper crockery with steel knife and fork.
What a pleasure.

The food on all the stalls is beautifully displayed.
Made me want to try a bit of everything.

A market without a "boerrie roll" is not a real market!

Sugar rush in a cup...
I was not brave enough to tackle this much sweetness,
but I did see some children walking around with one.
I hope that their parents can cope...

A de-constructed cheesecake.
A novel idea and you get to keep the container.

A wrap using spinach as the other casing.
This one had Ostrich mince as a filling

This was my lunch...
Ostrich mince, spinach and a pancake wrap.
The pancake reminded me of a similar dish that I had enjoyed
at a local Ethiopian restaurant in Norwood.

Another mouth watering food display...

Some of the best pork was on sale.

I was told by the maker of this chilli sauce that it was not hot.
I took him at his word, but I did not try it. 

A newcomer to the market,
Yum-elicious...they make a range of seasonal products
that are certainly different.
I was told that some people had tried to eat the
 hand and body scrubs,hence the sign.
Considering that the ingredients can be found in a home kitchen,
no surprise there...

This fellow was so cheerful that I had to take his picture.
And from the comments around me,
his product was very tasty.

As a collector of skulls,
I stopped of at one of the regular vendors
 to have a closer look at this Wildebeest.

And before you leave,
pop across the road to the Faraday Muti Market
and have a look at what is on offer there.
Not for the faint hearted or squeamish,
but an interesting experience never the less. 

A visit to Joziburg Lane is well worth it.
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