Monday, August 15, 2016

#Movemore Challenge, I look back on week 2

Week 2...DONE!

Since the video of me doing squats in a dress surfaced,
everyone is getting in on the act...
even the hijackers.

We were told to "drink more water"
and I am trying to do exactly that.
I poured and took the picture at the same time.

As a "gift" to myself, I bought a new running watch.
There was nothing wrong with my old one,
aside from the fact that the built in technology was dated.
Also, it did not have a heart rate monitor,
or work if I used a treadmill.
I took my watch for its first run on Sunday,
and once I was used to which button to push,
I was able to enjoy the run.
I also discovered how quickly my heart rate drops
back to "normal" once I completed my run.
75% of this run was done at a heart rate of 150 bpm or higher.

One handed push-ups.
It has been a LOOONG while since I did these.
Back in the day, when I was young and foolish,
a group of us, including our instructor, would finish off
our sessions with at least 10-15 of these...

Happy Women's Day

Morning squats

And my evening squats were done in more "Formal" wear.
Many thanks to my wife for lending me the dresses,
and when I mentioned how comfortable they felt,
she offered to go dress shopping with me.
I now understand why the Scots wear kilts.

My dance routine, set by my daughter and team mate.
She says that I have "killer moves"...
I am not so sure, but I do try.

My push-ups...
The last 5 almost killed me.
A few months ago, I went for a Discovery fitness test and managed 21.
I set myself a goal of getting to 30 by December when I undergo another test.
Looks like I might be able to do a couple more by then...
As Dr.Greg said at the dinner;
"I am not broken"...

Setting the "stranger" Star Jump challenge

Vumatel crew

Bruce, our outgoing Ward Councillor managed to do one for me.
Much appreciated.

On of the local DA members gave it a shot.
Thanks Gary A.

ANC and DA collaborating to get another couple done.

Displaying Screenshot_20160813-222630.png
A local artist and shop owner( he owns the Pink Shop in the background)
got into the spirit of things.
Go,John G

My afternoon Star Jumps.
It would not have been fair if I did not get some on camera

Displaying Screenshot_20160813-222601.png
Who invented Burpees...and why!

Mountain climbers with our garden dwarf.
Thanks to my wife for the camera work.

I certainly enjoyed meeting many of the Gauteng participants
 on Wednesday at Huddle Park Golf Course.

Thanks for the was great, even if there was no dessert.

Elan was a guest on my "Travel & Things" radio show

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