Monday, August 8, 2016

#MoveMore Challenge...I look back at week 1

The first week is done and dusted...
I had to exchange Day 7 for day 8,
for reasons that will become obvious later in this posting...

Readers will have to believe that I did these 
as there is neither photo or video evidence that I can offer as proof.
A "gentle" way to start off this new Challenge.
I have to say that I enjoy the Challenges that have been set so far.
I am motivated on a daily basis to to the "tasks" that have been set.

Tuesdays is a run day for me...
According to sources that I Googled,
there are 1320 human steps in a km.
(Does that mean that primates have a different stride length?
or Aliens, or anything that is not "human")
My 5.2km run therefore equates to 6854 steps.
I did another 3000 steps during the course of the day.
I tried running with my cell phone,
but it was not comfortable in my pocket
and I don't see myself running distances with it clutched in my hand

During a previous Challenge, I had a note from my Mom 
excusing me from doing this exercise.
Unfortunately, it was no longer valid,
so, like everyone else involved in the Challenge,
I had to "suck it up" and do them.

I wanted to raise the bar on this exercise,
so I completed in in a jacket and tie!
And here is the proof:

No video footage,
but I have this image from the summit of Kilimanjaro.
I have successfully climbed the mountain twice,
2006 and 2014.
The Challenge exercise, however, was completed in my lounge...


A mixture of #FlexFriday and the Dance Challenge
I first had to explain the training vest
(Wasted Youth)
and then I videoed the dance routine.
In the end I must have done about 10 minutes in total,
as I kept messing up the recording.
This I only discovered at the end of each three minute segment.
Here is the final result, once I had sorted out the technicalities:

Carbo loading for my 21.1km road race on Sunday(Day 7)
and the reason that I have had to "shift" my push ups to Day 8

I ran this 21.1km road race in memory of a training partner
that died as a result of a horse riding accident in 1995.
 During that Old Eds Road Race I carried her vest with me.
Bridget and I completed several marathons together,
including both the Two Oceans and a Comrades Marathon.

After 22 years, a new number and an old one
will once again take to the streets of  Johannesburg.
The Liberty Life vest belonged to Bridget...
and it was, once again, in my pocket for the race.

E-tags for runners!
A new method of result recording in order to make certain
that there is no cheating.
I had placed this chip in the wrong place
and I had to stop during the course of the run to re-position it.
Once that change had been made, the second lap was more comfortable.

21.1km done and dusted!
And I have the medal to prove it...
I set myself a time of 2 hours,20 minutes and I did it in 2.21...
Not too shabby for a 63 year old who has not tackled this distance since 1995.
The palm in the background was a gift from Bridget 20+ years ago.
The 7000 steps were more than covered on my Sunday run.
21.1km is equal to 27852 steps.
Now I don't have to do any more steps for the rest of this Challenge?
Here are my post race comments:

My cat and I post push-ups...
Needless to say, he DID NOT participate.
The push-ups were done on Day 8,

I look forward to meeting many of the Gauteng participants
 on Wednesday at Huddle Park Golf Course.

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