Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#MoveMore my rear view mirror.

Aaaaaaaaand we are done!
The 30 day #Movemore Challenge has come to an end,
to be followed almost immediately by a new one
 that will I with be starting soon.

Proudly South African?
Yes, I am...
Proud to be a member of the SleekGeek community?
Even more so...
This is my final video wrap up of the last 30 days
and more specifically the exercises that we were tasked with doing.

A big "THANK YOU" to all those who commented on the postings
and the videos that I published.
The latter was something I have not had the courage to do before,
but with the support of the SG community,
I felt that I would not be judged too harshly.
And I was not.

We all have "bad hair" days and it is those that we have to overcome
in order to be the best person we can be.
Why did YOU do the Challenge?
I know that for me, it was all about having measurable goals to work towards.
Did I achieve all of them? NO, I did not.
In the past, I would have been disheartened and might have slipped
back into old eating and training habits.
But, hopefully, that behaviour is behind me now.
I am learning to focus on the positive and to ignore the negatives

After all the jumping exercises that we were tasked with doing,
I feel like I could be.

Remember, there will be days when you feel "fat".
More often than not it will just be YOUR perception
and NOT how others see you at all.
That was proved to me when I posted before and after images
in the closed group and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback.

These were my goals for the Challenge.
How has my life changed?
Before I joined SG, training was not a"front of mind" option...
Now, although I don't go out at 05h00, 
I do try to get to the gym by 07h00.
My runs start at about 07h30 and can last for up to an hour 
during the week and twice that on a Sunday.
Saturday is my "off" day...not even a Park Run can entice me.

You need to take a long term view of your "new" lifestyle.
You are not in it for 30 days or even 8 weeks.
It is a life and lifestyle change that you have to be willing to commit to.
I have, I am hoping that you have as well.

Elan was recently a guest on my "Travel & Things" radio show.
Listen to the Podcast to hear what he shared with me.

For this Challenge, my team mate has been exceptionally busy
with a variety of projects, which has kept her more occupied than she expected.

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