Thursday, August 4, 2016

#MoveMore...another 30 day Challenge from Sleekgeek.

I was told by my team mate this this is a mascot and not a new logo.
But is it a Batmur? Or is it a Leman?
Does it really matter? I don't think so.

But it will be fun as Jayne and I
 continue as Batz Buddies.

Or should that be Team Batz?
Either way, these Challenges have brought us closer together
and we are having "fun" at the same time.
I thought that I would brighten up the post election morning with this video:

We even have our own personalized Challenge calendar!
Not too shabby...

This Sunday will be a big day for me.
Thanks to the encouragement of my daughter,
I will be running my first 21.1km race since 1995.
I will be running it in memory of the woman in the picture.
She was my training partner through a very difficult time in my life
and she sadly died after a horse riding accident,
that left her on life support.
Her mom chose not to continue treatment and had the difficult decision
to turn off the ventilator.
In 1995, I ran this 21.1km with her vest tucked into my shorts,
only bringing it out to hold in front of me as I crossed the finish line.
I did this so that she could "beat" me,
something she had not managed to do in all the races that we ran together.
On Sunday, I hope to complete the race once more,
but this time her vest and I will finish together.

Something that I have become very consious of
as I move from Challenge to Challenge.
I look forward to meeting some of you
at the Johannesburg Sleekgeek dinner.

Follow me as I tackle  this #Movemore  30 day Challenge. 

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