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Mhondoro Game Lodge, Welgevonden,the food.

After a devastating fire that destroyed the Lodge,
Mhondoro reopened in October 2015, after two years of rebuilding.
The owners decided that aside from being a wildlife destination.
it would also offer a fine dining experience.
I do NOT usually do food postings about a game lodge,
but after my recent visit, it proved to be a differential and worthy of review.

Guests are normally picked up at the main gate between 12.30 and 13.00,
and the drive to the Lodge takes 45 minutes to an hour,
depending on what game is spotted along the way.
This means that new arrivals to the lodge get there in time for lunch,
usually served between 12.30 and 2.30.
Every meal was served with a different type of bread.
All were made fresh, by the kitchen staff daily

Those who know me well will tell you that is is NEVER to hot for soup.
Beautifully prepared and served...

This "platter" serves ONE person, me...
Fish and chicken as well as two types of fresh salad were on offer.
Needless to say, that I did try my best to taste it all
For research purposes of course!

And I had to leave "space" for this summer cup dessert.
And if this was not enough, just before game
a high tea was served which offered guests
a choice of sweet and savoury snacks
as well as hot and cold beverages.

 Dinner is served once guests return from evening game drive.
Unlike many lodges where they think that you want to wash
and change and only THEN sit down to your meal.
The menu caters for all diners needs,
and if you have any dietary requirements,
the Chef will be able to accommodate those with some advance warning.

A refreshing salsa as a starter.
A mouthful of pure bliss.

A beautiful bread, served with rock salt and butter.

My starter...the vegetable Spring Roll.
There is just enough food on the plate so as not to leave guests feeling bloated.
The presentation was truly beautiful...
and the taste, divine.

10/10 for taste and presentation.
This lamb was done to perfection and again, just enough to satisfy.
I was told that should a guest request "seconds" it can be accommodated.


Breakfast is served when you return from early morning game drive.
This, despite the fact that there are some awesome oatmeal cookies
served with a hot beverage while on the drive,

A pot of tea, to wash away the dust...

Not billed as a "Full English".
the Mhondoro Breakfast does have all the required elements.

This is why there is a resident pastry chef on staff.
Nothing is store bought, and everything is made fresh.

If you thought that you could resist the pastries,
then try to say "NO" to a serving of Crepes.

Pea soup at lunch on my second day.
Spicy and hot!

Main course.
brimming with ALL SORTS of goodness.

And, of course, a dessert.
Lunch time offers a set menu, but once again,
the lodge can accommodate dietary requirements.


My final dinner.
It started off with a "mouthful of curry".

The bread of the night was an Olive Bread with
Olive pate as accompaniment

A first for me...
Fresh Indonesian Soft Shell Crab.
I ate the entire crustacean, as did our ranger Evan.
The other guests only ate parts, but left the legs.
We eventually asked for the Chef,
who explained that it was all edible.

Probably the best roast potatoes I have had in a long while

And finally, instead of the cheese platter,
which I had on my first night,
I chose the Cream Cheese Tart...and I was NOT disappointed.

Every item served to the guests
is prepared in this spotless kitchen

This is resident pastry chef, Abby De Hoog.
Hear what she has to say about her "job"

If you are looking for a special destination,
that will fulfil both your wildlife and culinary requirements,
then THIS is the Lodge is the place for you:

 Friendly and efficient staff who have a passion for their customers.
Based on my experiences over the past few months
and in five different cities, I highly recommend them.
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