Friday, September 30, 2016

Rosto, taking chicken to a new level.

Not only does the restaurant now have a liquor license ,
it will also be serving breakfasts...

My wife and I decided to try this recently opened eatery in Linden.
We had watched and waited (in anticipation) as it slowly developed,
from an empty space into this family orientated restaurant.
We arrived at 18h35 and the "rush" had not yet started.
By the time we left at about 20h30, it was FULL!
This is an experiential posting rather than a  "food review" as such.

The décor might be seen as minimalist but it works to accentuate
rather than distract from the food offering

Hand made light fittings were made in a garage in Milan,Italy
 by co-owner Lance Littlefield who brought them to South Africa in his "luggage".

Are you missing the front end of your Fiat?
If so, then THIS is where you can find it...

Lance also designed the majority of the crockery.
Made of enamel and branded,
I can see customers asking to buy them very soon.

There are three types of Focaccia on offer.
We tried two of those and REALLY enjoyed the taste and textures.
This is the Confit Cherry Tomato .

My wife tried this Italian beer,
which she gave a "two-thumbs up" to for taste.
Not as heavy as our local variety, they added to the dining experience.

I, not being a drinker, tried one of these and enjoyed the taste.
Not as sweet the usual "cordial" type of drink,
it too enhanced the flavour of the chicken.

And speaking of chicken...
When Henry Ford started making the Model T,
he said that customers could have any colour that they liked...
as long as it was black.
It is the same at Rosto...
Coming here you know that you are going to be served chicken!
These are chicken wings that were served with Arancino
rice croquettes that come in three different flavours.

The busy kitchen that puts out food faster that I was expecting.
Be aware that this is not a "fast food" chain.
Neither is it a "fine dining" experience.
What it does offer is good value for money family fare.
Portions are supplied in all three flavours,
and in the following sizes:
Full chicken, half chicken, quarter chicken
(either half breast and wing or drumstick and thigh)

This was my main course.
Drumstick and thigh.
Served with a Rosto Slaw, that comprised cabbage, red onion, baby spinach,
shaved fennel, orange segments and a Rosto apple balsamic mayonnaise!
The clothes peg denotes the "strength" of the chicken...
with yellow being mild,

My wife likes her chicken "hot"...
hence the red peg...a warning to the diner.
Half breast and wing

I do not normally eat brinjals...
but this Parmigiana di Melanzane was superb.
My wife, who eats this type of dish on a regular basis,
rated it as the best she has eaten to date.

These are twice fried chips...
Some of the best I have ever eaten...
and EXTREMELY moreish!

I have not had these before...BUT I intend to have them again.
Panelle which are chickpea fries...BIG YUM.

Although we had individual portions for our starters and mains,
we decide to share a dessert.
And what a treat it was...
A freshly made Tiramisu that was decadence in a spoon!
We even shared it with one of the customers seated at the table next to ours.

THIS is how much my wife enjoyed her meal...

We finished off with a great tasting cappuccino
to complete our dining experience.

Garden taps from Italy...
Where did I find these?
I will give you a hint...
they are out back.

Lance, whose concept has been brought to fruition
in Linden.
His passion for food and his excellent eye for décor and design
are an asset to our suburb.
The corner of 3rd Avenue and 7th Street is fast becoming
the "go to" corner for food!

To find out more about what Rosto has to offer:

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