Monday, October 3, 2016

Andy's Acoustic Forum, September 2016

The September "edition" of this monthly event
featured one of the strongest line-ups all year.
Kicking things he does,
Andy McGibbon.

Kyle Meenehan decided to be "different"
or his guitar had shrunk in the wash...

For the first time in several months,
the venue had proper lighting,
which allowed me to have fun.

The only song that Kyle did NOT play
was "Ukulele Lady"...and that was only because it was a cover.
Only ORIGINAL songs are allowed.

And speaking of original...
All the way from KZN.
the musical styling of  Goodwin Zulu.
I got tired just watching his performance.

He hardly stood still for a minute.

An amazing musician and all round good guy.
After every song he "threatened" to leave the stage...
but luckily for the audience he did not.

I have no idea who Mum and Dad might be,
but this duo is known as Margaret's Daughter...

I can only assume that Margaret is the Mom.
But I might be wrong...I will ask them next time I see them perform

Alabama said it best...
"If you want to play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band"
Not an instrument we see nearly enough of at these acoustic evenings.

Another escapee from KZN.
Rowan Stuart...he was on tour in Jhb
and managed to fit is a set...
I do enjoy his style of music.

The tallest Andy on the night was backing Rowan on bass...
because it IS all about the bass.

A final encore from Rowan.
We don't get to experience his music nearly enough here in Jozi

And speaking of Jozi...well Josie actually.
Josie Fields sans her usual partner Laurie Levin.

But she did bring her producer and fellow guitarist Kevin with her.

I was great to have her performing as a solo artist.

My favourite "rock chic" ended off the evening.
I actually don't know why I refer to her as such,
she is a "country chic" at heart.
Last year she wrote her autobiography,
which is selling so well that it is into a  second printing.

This man is the epitome of a professionalism.
Mr Adamson accompanied Cindy on slide guitar.
And even though he did not know all the songs she performed,
it did not stop him from fitting in seamlessly.

One of my two favourite instruments.
The slide guitar is what MAKES country music "country".

With her trade mark 12 string guiter,
Cindy Alter ended of an awesome evening
of really spectacular original acoustic music.
The October Forum will be held on Wednesday, 26 October.
The usual venue, Marks Park.
No tickets to book, you can pay at the door.
And bring extra money for the buffet and some merchandise.

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