Monday, October 31, 2016

Beyerskloof wine pairing evening at Bellgables Country Restaurant.

Under the watchful eye of this statue,
my wife and I found ourselves once again at this "theatrical" restaurant. 

There was time for a quick tour of their art gallery,
where there are always interesting works to look at,
or purchase.

Our hosts for the evening:
Errol Gobey, Chef Patron of Bellgables
and Nico Davel,the Beyerskloof Brand Ambassador.
And a great ambassador he was. Kept us entertained for the evening 
with stories about the wines and anecdotes as well.

The arrival drink:
A welcoming Beyerskloof Pinotage Rose 2016.

As always, it was served outside the art gallery building.
And this façade sets the tone for the rest of the evening.
In any wine pairing evening, the guests always get the welcoming drink here.
After which they are free to wonder around the grounds.

Inside the restaurant, the décor has, once again, been totally transformed.
We have been to several of these wine pairing evenings over the past couple of years
and the décor has NEVER been exactly the same.
Bellgables is definitely a sensory overload for those who enter for the first time.
For those on a return visit, it is about looking to find a favourite piece
or to try and find something new in amongst all the old.

You cannot have a wine pairing without the dulcet tones of Annemarie Faca
to serenade you during your meal.

Lets get ready to rumble...
Tummy rumbling that is, as tables await the guests arrival

Errol Gobey has re-purposed old trophies to be used for
salt and pepper. 

I was lucky enough to spent time "behind-the-scenes" in the kitchen
both before, during and after service.
65 people served and the kitchen remained calm and scream free...
Radishes are an underutilized component, but they did get an opportunity
to shine in the starter. 

Just one of the herbs that I later discovered was part of the main course

Fresh flowers are almost a "trade mark" of any dish that Errol produces.

A very different way of serving vegetables,
in half a gem squash...

But THIS is what diners have come for...
food and wine.
So let the meal begin!
Country mushroom soup.
Creamy, chunky mushroom with fresh herbs & garlic croutons.
Even in the heat wave that were experienced over the weekend, 
the soup was most welcoming.
It had a wonderful "home cooked" feel to it 
and it set the tone for the dishes that followed.
Beyerskloof Chenin Pinotage 2016

Springbok carpaccio.
Thinly sliced seared Springbok loin
on fresh rocket leaves with a honey-chive dressing.
Sprinkled with a mild pecorino cheese.
The Springbok was delicious and the plethora of crisp salad ingredients
on the plate complimented it to perfection.
PLEASE Errol, bottle the dressing and have it on sale.
It was totally "moreish" and both my wife and I made certain
every last drop was enjoyed.
Beyerskloof Pinotage 2015

Beef fillets, served medium with a Beyerskloof Pinotage Reserve reduction.
(I got to taste the reduction in the kitchen,
so I was salivating before the dish even arrived at our table)
Served with seasonal vegetables and a potato stack.
The meat was done to perfection and the mixed vegetables and potato
were a traditional accompaniment, but with a twist.
Beyerskloof Pinotage Reserve 2014. 

Iced tiramisu.
Layers of chocolate, espresso-soaked biscuits & mascarpone.
Combined, they make a dessert "to-die-for".
My wife enjoyed every mouthful of this decadent dish.
Beyerskloof Lagare Cape Vintage  2014

A trio of fruit sorbet on a orange slice,
served with a mulberry jus.
Errol made this for my dessert as I do not eat chocolate.
A very refreshing end to a superb meal.

"Amazing" Grace at the end of service.
She is Errol's right hand and it is as a result of her attention to detail
that the evening runs as smoothly as it does.
Well done to all concerned for yet another great meal.

Book NOW for the next wine pairing evening.
Don't delay as these fill up quickly!

To find out more about Bellgables Country Restaurant,
visit their website:

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Mike Jankelowitz said...

I love reading your experiences at Bell Gables.Fills me with both envy and joy!
Lovely blog, David. As usual, you capture such beautiful touches.
Different perspectives each time, yet all interesting and mouth watering!