Thursday, November 3, 2016

Andy's Acoustic Forum, October 2016.

As per usual, a smiling Andy kicked off the evening.
A great line up was on the cards, but one of the smallest audiences I have seen
at a Forum evening in a long while.
Despite the lack of audience numbers,
those that were there were most vociferous in their support for the performers. 

The first slot is always the most difficult.
Joshua and "The Bear" accepted the "challenge"
and got straight into their set.

One of the most important aspects of Andy's Acoustic Forum format,
is the fact that all the participants have to perform original songs.

These evenings become a platform for both local
and out of town artists to "showcase" their music.

If ONLY the scouts from the record labels would attend on a regular basis.

L Son.
The first of two Korean performers in the line up.

This young man certainly takes "guitar playing"
and turns it into an art form

It is very difficult to try and describe the music L plays,
not that he needed to to much explaining...

To quote a Yellow Pages advert...
"He let his fingers do the walking"!
Thanks for another great performance.

Looking not too different from George, one of the judges in 
Masterchef Australia, this, in fact,
 is Faryl Roth

Some "foot stomping" almost sing along sounds.

He sang a song about Brooklyn 
and he looks like he might come from that city,
he does, in fact, hail from Bloemfontein...
"How ya doin'"

It has been a while since I last heard the "dulcet"
sound of a kazoo on this stage.

Yohan Son.
Although he hails from Korea,
his home is currently here in South Africa

What he can do with the sound of a standard acoustic guitar,
almost defies description.

It is almost as if he has to separate his brain to perform.
Left and right sides have to work apart as well as together
in order to perform the music he plays. 

And if plucking and strumming were not enough...
he gets to use the sound board as a drum!

All the way from Durban to play on a rainy night in Johannesburg...
For those who wonder where the name comes from, a quark is an elementary particle
and a fundamental constituent of matter!
A first for Andy as science and music combine.
And much like their name, their music was heavenly.

Dan, on bass...

and Fiona on guitar revived "old school" folk music for the evening.
Something we don't really hear enough of at the events.

The evening ended while a glorious Highveld storm raged outside.
The final duo are reflected in the glass,
with the sky lit by lightning.
Thanks to all the performers for a great evening.

The next event will take place on Wednesday,30th November.
The line up promises to be stunning.
You don't have to book tickets as they can be bought at the door.

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