Friday, December 2, 2016

Absolute Leisure Cottages, Machadodorp. Mpumalanga Province

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This is the main street of Machadodorp,
a once thriving town that has currently fallen on hard times.

This was my first port of call on a recent trip North
I suppose that I could have managed the 6-7 hour drive to  the Kruger National Park
in one go, but I do like to overnight in small towns.
Hence me staying at this guest house in town.
I enjoyed the hospitality and meals provided by Samson and Beauty
at the aptly named:
"Absolute Leisure Cottages"...

There are two seating areas on the wrap-around veranda which
is shared with three rooms.

My favourite Samsonite suitcase...
taking a well deserved on the day bed outside my room.

This was a portend of things to come in the game reserve.
I must have seen more than 20 "frolicking" rhinos.
It is difficult to explain to International visitors our poaching problem,
when Rhino seem to be so plentiful

This small chair caught my attention.
I was informed by the owner that it is a favourite of small children

My room, named "Geluk" (meaning "luck" in Afrikaans,
but it was also the name of the farm on which the town was founded)
It was bigger than expected and had a seating area...

It also had a well equipped kitchen,
should guests wish to self cater.
That being said, breakfast is included in the room rate,
and dinner can be provided from their kitchen.


And speaking of meals,
this was the dinner that I enjoyed.
A wonderful beef lasagne followed by a berry dessert.

Although the weather was cool and overcast,
it did not warrant lighting a fire.
But in mid-winter, I bet this would be most welcoming.

More often than not, I forget to pack a book or two.
The room did offer me a choice of 
rather eclectic reading matter.

Who would have thought that old jeans could be used
as a planter...
I found this interesting gardening decoration
outside "The Hog, Pub &Grill"

The inside was interesting to say the least...
Lots of alcohol and a tasty bar menu to boot.
If you stop over in this tiny town, 
you have to try a plate of their chips.

This collection of condiments caught my attention...
Because there was a Jagermeister container in amongst
the salt and tomato sauce...

On walking through the "CBD",
I discovered this merry-go-round.
One of several side show attractions that I am certain
where in town to entertain the youngsters.
The rides were not in the best condition,
and in a way they made me feel sad.
They were almost the epitome of the slow decay 
that is affecting many of our small towns 
in various provinces around South Africa.

That being said...I discovered this "treasure" further down the street.
This family owned business is just part of what they have to offer visitors.

The interior of the coffee shop is bright and welcoming.
There was cake on offer, but I refrained...
I did however try the coffee, which was excellent.

The house speciality is smoked pork and chicken
with home made mustard.
It was so good, that I stopped here on my return trip 
and bought a chicken to take home.
The Crawford family make great hosts.

Would you believe that this is the town butcher?
Well it is, and it has great biltong and dried wors
which was bought to snack on during my trip

Not quite one of the Wild Dogs 
that I was going to see in the park the next day...
but it was the only domestic animal that I encountered in the town.

If you, like me, feel like taking the road less travelled on your next trip.
could I ten encourage you to stop off in Machadodorp
and put the local hospitality to the test.
You will be pleasantly surprised as to what you might discover

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