Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lukimbi Safari Lodge, Kruger National Park. A return visit.

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Lukimbi Safari Lodge, Southern Kruger National Park.
I was last here in 2010, and I am glad to report that nothing has changed.
Apart from some of the staff.
The lodge is laid out like the horns of a buffalo,
with the main buildings forming the "boss" 

The reception area at the top of a rather spectacular staircase
 that flanks an impressive fireplace.
Luckily the umbrellas were not required during my stay.
That being said, the Park does need as much rain as possible
to break the drought that has seen certain species suffer and die

Off to the side of the reception/shop level is the library.
There is also a PC here in case you want to connect with the outside world.

Looking down onto the lounge from the mezzanine floor.

The d├ęcor and attention to detail throughout the property is first class.
As I mentioned at the start of this post, nothing much has changed
since my last visit...and if it "ain't broke, don't fix it"

One of my favourite corners to sit and watch the passing parade...
Both human and animal

This swimming pool was a welcome respite in the heat of the afternoon.

I have a problem with having a gym at a lodge.
Why do I say that?
Because I like to train in the early morning,
and out here, that is game drive time.
I suppose I COULD make a plan rather than an excuse,
but at least I paid it a visit...
If only to take a photograph.

The bar area which sits comfortably between the lounge
 and the dining room.

The accommodation "horns" are accessed via these walkways.
As the camp is not fenced, guests are walked back to their rooms after dark.
And, come to think of it, walking back and forth to my room
WAS a form of exercise...

My home for two nights.
There are nine rooms on each "horn"

All the accommodation is the same from the outside.
It is on the inside where each one differs slightly.

On my previous visit I was in W3,
this time it was W9.
With "W" denoting West Wing.
(Probably the closest I will get to The White House)

The inside seating area,
offers a view of the river and surrounding bush.
This was to be my "office" for the duration of my visit

Each room as a private deck,
allowing guests to take advantage of the weather and the view.

Even when lying in the bath,
I had a spectacular view out of the huge bay window.
Aside from the bath and an indoor shower,
there is, of course,the ubiquitous outdoor shower,
which almost seems to be a requirement at a game lodge.

"Sounds of a cowhide drum"
is the title of a book by 
It is also the way that guests are called to dinner.

The dining room is large enough to accommodate all the guests
without them feeling overcrowded.

There is also a Boma dining area.
Eating outside under a star-filled African sky
 is always special occasion for me.

Lunches are served buffet style,
with an option of either hot or cold mains.

This particular lunch served up the best lamb meatballs
 I have EVER eaten.

Dinners were beautifully plated and there was both a meat and fish option.
Vegetarians and special dietary requirements can be catered for.

A post game drive breakfast...
Time to enjoy the food and share stories
of what guests on other vehicles had seen.


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