Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy 2017 to one and all.

When do you STOP wishing people "Happy New Year"?
I asked a waitress at a restaurant where I was having lunch recently,
and her answer was "At the end of January".
Is there any etiquette surrounding the offering of that salutation?
(The on-line research I did was unable to give me a definitive date)
For years I have dreaded the beginning of a New Year.
An empty diary, for a freelancer like myself, can be very daunting.
This year, 2017, I decided to see each of those blank pages
 as Opportunities,rather than Challenges.
Although much of my work is on-line, I still use an "old fashioned" hard copy diary
that can be found on my desk next to my laptop.
I have used the same type of diary for the past several years
and although I have seen quotations at the foot of each page,
I have never paid much attention to them.
But I have decided that that will change THIS year...
How long does it take to read...
"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain,
but it takes character and self-control 
to be understanding and forgiving"
Dale Carnegie
6 seconds...that is how long!
And if you consider that there are 86,400 seconds in a day,
you will realize what a minuscule amount of time that actually is!
Go ahead, have a look in YOUR diary...
perhaps today's quote will be pertinent or meaningful to you.

What are your goals for 2017?
Did you go to bed on the night of 31/12/2016 will any unfulfilled ones...
and then just rolled them over into 01/01/2017?
Did you write any of them down?
As humans we all have foibles and faults.
We have great intentions of making the year the OUR BEST ONE EVER...
but do we actually do anything constructive towards changing ourselves,
either in word or deed?
Do we set ourselves achievable targets?
Or do we set limitations to our success by not being specific 
about what we want to attain during this year?
"I want to..." is an open ended statement and will almost certainly guarantee failure.
On the other hand,
"I will achieve(whatever your goal is) set yourself a specific date)"
and that WILL bring success.
Remember the completion date and the goal can be altered. 
Nothing, except death, is final.

I have set and changed one goal already...
I thought that I would be able to lift my own bodyweight (87kg)
within the first half of this year.
However, having spoke to several personal trainers
who have said that this is an unreasonable goal
I have revised this to give me a similar, but more achievable task
in the same time frame.

I have also decided that 2017 WILL be the year 
in which I FINALLY(after 57 years of trying)
get to touch my toes!
Due to REALLY tight hamstrings, I have never achieved this.
I started my quest on 05/01/2017
and I have gone from 18cm to 13cm (fingertips to toe) already.
I have set myself 35 days to achieve this.
This is the video that gave me the idea:

It is the same with weight goals...
Especially post the festive season, when we all overindulged to some extent.
And neglected our training regimes.
DO NOT get sucked in my "fad diets" and "lose weight quick" schemes.
This is a marathon, not a sprint.
Get rid of the weight too quickly and it WILL return,
bring more with it.
The object of losing weight is to keep in off ,
not to yo-yo up and down as that can affect your overall health.
And on that note...
When last have you had a full physical?
Not feeling well, don't turn to Facebook for advice,
seek qualified medical advice.
And guys, going to the Dr is NOT a sign of weakness.

Do everything in moderation.
Don't deny yourself a slice of cake...but have one and not several
Binge eating is brought about by denial,
and unless it is an excess of alcohol or drugs
their is no reason to deny yourself.
You will be happier, less stressed and certainly a more rounded person
if you do not berate yourself for having a chocolate.

Take time to mourn.
It could be a family member, a friend or perhaps
a celebrity who was meaningful to you.
By the same token it could be a lost opportunity, 
a failed relationship or a phone call that you never made.
Allow yourself to go through the grief and the hurt
and despite what people may say, 
there is no time limit on this process.
But learn from the experience
and come out stronger and filled with understanding.

My wish for YOU in 2017?
That you find fulfilment, joy, passion, hope and adventure.
May you have new and joyous experiences with those that you love.
And, more importantly,
may whatever you do with the days left in 2017,
you do in order to make your heart soar.
May you and those you love a wonderful and safe year

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