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Linden.Some of the reasons I love our suburb!

Ours is an INTERESTING suburb.
This is Carola that paid one of our local restaurants a visit recently.
She is involved with an organization called
"Hello Africa Foundation".
Her presence certainly turned heads.

I have always said that living in Linden
is like living in a small Karoo town.
This windmill just enhances that feeling.

Linden is becoming recognised as "the place"for foodies.
Move over Parkhurst and Melville...
You have MAJOR competition.

Best Pizza in Linden!
And the best host...Lloyd Newton.

Hair Experts is based in 4th Ave,
next to the Spar.

 Wriggly Tin make a range of hand made "goat based" items,
made on their farm in Magaliesberg.

Hang out or buy...
Kosie at will be able to find something special for you.

One of my favourite shops.
Orejen on 5th Street.
It is not what they have on sale,
 but the fact that Jennifer runs it...
She IS Orejen!

If you need to "walk off your meal",
then pay this monument a visit.
The English translation would be:
"This was erected to commemorate the receiving of the Oxwagon.
'Johanna van der Merwe'
 on 10 December 1938.
It was consecrated on 16 December 1939,
by Aunt G.M.E v.d.Merwe"
As an aside, the foundation stone of the Voortrekker Monument
 in Pretoria was laid in 1939.
I received this update from Johanna's granddaughter,
Ria Hepburn, who lives in one of the neighbouring suburbs...
"Hi David. The monument was in celebration of the centenary of "Die Groot Trek" (Great Trek) of 1838 (Voortrekkers leaving the Cape Province). 
During the 1838 Trek a Group under leadership of Dirkie Uys was attacked. 
Johanna van der Merwe survived with multiple assagai wounds to her face .
There is a picture of her in the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. 
Against all odds she managed to warn the other "Trekkers" of the impending danger. 
To honour her heroism a wagon on the centenary trip was named after her. 
South Africa also named a submarine after her - The Johanna van der Merwe.
It was, rather ironically, renamed after 1994 to The Assegai. 
The original table her family used during the Trek is in my house. 
She was my Great Grandmother".

For OTT Bling, look no further.
This shop is hard to miss...

Back down the road,
is this antique store.
Yesterdays Heroes

The Argentinean Bakery 
serves the BEST croissants west of Jan Smuts Avenue.

And although opinions might differ,
 I believe that Rembrandt Butchery has the BEST biltong
AND boerewors in the city...

Arthur Bales has been around for about 100 years.
Still supported by knitters who come from near and far
to buy wool and accessories

Found this at The Whippet.
I have NO idea what it tasted like,
but with THAT much chocolate, it has to be scrumptious.

Dessert at Ritual Cafe...
This is a "must try" dessert...
A Fig ice-cream on a bed of Basil.
A mouth cleansing way to end off the meal.

For those who have never been to A la Bouffe,
it is about time that you paid it a visit.
I had always thought the it was a fine dining establishment.
But looking at their regular menu, it offers a variety of dishes,
from sandwiches to signature dishes.

The best Chinese/Sushi/Thai food in Linden.
Li Kou Fu.

For the longest while this garden was the best kept secret in Linden.
Not anymore...
Paputzis has become the place to visit for their great menu
and best bacon and egg sarmie in the suburb.

Elemental Cafe might not strictly be "in" Linden,
as it is situated on the corner of 1st Ave and Standard Drive.
But this vegetarian restaurant  gets to be an honourable member of our 'burb

Oregano Patisserie and Catering opened in 2014.
They are in 7th Street opposite the school
and offer a variety of "home-baked" goodies.

The Gourmet Cheese Shop on the corner of 3rd Ave and 7th Street
is a must for lovers of  "FROMAGE".
They offer more than 140 different cheeses to choose from.

This restaurant's menu is predominantly chicken based.
However it does offer other options.
I do not normally eat brinjals...
but this Parmigiana di Melanzane was superb.
My wife, who eats this type of dish on a regular basis,
rated it as the best she has eaten to date.

The Fat Zebra, 
serves the best cheesecake I have eaten in a long while.
They can be found in 7th street, just of the corner of 3rd Ave.

It might look like pizza or Naan
but it is neither...this is "hand-break" bread.
And very moreish...

How many suburbs still have one of these mobile ice-cream trucks?
This one plays the same tune as the one did in my suburb in Port Elizabeth,
where I grew up.
As a child I was told that when the melody played,
it meant that they were sold out...
This is the tune I am referring to...

Victory Park Veterinary Clinic.
For all your veterinary requirements, from a vet who really cares,
visit THIS practice on the corner of 1st Ave and Road number 3,
in Linden Johannesburg
The practice is open 5 days a week, with a half-day on Saturdays.
It is closed on Sundays and public holidays.
For more information have a look at their Facebook page:

Even the manhole covers(those that have not been replaced with fibre)
are interesting.
To find out more about the shops and restaurants that I mention here,visit:

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