Monday, March 6, 2017

17 on 5th Ave, Walmer Guest House. A real home away from home in Port Elizabeth...

The "Chocolate Room" at 17 on 5th,where my wife and I recently spent a couple of days.
Our trip to Port Elizabeth (my home town) was two-fold.
Firstly it was an opportunity to visit my old "haunts" and
it was also the starting point of  for a trip to a game reserve in the area.

The interior of our room was spacious 
and  the bed was extremely comfortable with great linen. 

In the living area was a desk as well as a sofa...both very handy.
The bathroom had a shower as well as a toilet and hand basin. 

THIS was my favourite room...
unfortunately it was booked!
It is a renovated stand alone cottage in the grounds at the rear of the property. 

The renovations are absolutely beautiful.
In fact if the weather is not conducive to going to the beach, 
then being ensconced here is NOT the worst fate I could imagine

Lee Caldecott, one of the owners, has totally transformed the bathroom into a real show piece!
Every corner of the space has been utilized without making the space seen cluttered or confined.

Although the rooms are similar in shape,
each has a character of its own.

It is amazing what an eye for detail and excellent colour co-ordination can achieve

Another of my favourites.
Although the bathroom and bedroom "share" a space,
clever use of a dividing wall allows for privacy.

There is a welcoming pool at the lower end of the garden.
Well maintained and sparkling clean, it is the ideal way to relax at the end of the day...
Or to start it off. 

This seating area can be found between the main house and the pool.
A place for quiet contemplation?

And, as they say in the adverts, that is not all...
More seating just outside the dining room and kitchen.

This public area can be shared by all the guests.
The lit area on the left is the dining room. 
The cottage that I mentioned earlier is on the right.

This accommodation "block" 
runs from the main building down to the pool.

Ready for the breakfast guests...

And while waiting,Chef Lee starts his prep.
And he is a trained Chef! 
He worked in a variety of major hotels before joining Sandi in this venture.

Looking from the kitchen into the dining area.
The reception and offices are behind the kitchen.
Guests can go round the outside of the building to get to their rooms
rather than walking through the house.

On offer: either a full English or a Continental version.
Breakfast is included in the room price.
Lunch and dinner can be ordered from a variety of places
 in the plethora of shopping centres close by.

I had already finished my cappuccino when I noticed the spoon.
We had a set of these when I was growing up
 and I have fond memories of them as part of my childhood. 

There are two "real" dogs and three cats on the property,
but this was the only one that would sit still for my camera.

Co-owners, Sandi and Lee enjoy a sundowner on the back patio.
They returned from their honeymoon on the day that my wife and I arrived!

Less that 2km from the airport,
this guest house is perfectly situated for the business traveller
 that needs to have quick access to the business district.
That being said, it is also the idea "springboard"
for the leisure/tourist market,

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