Monday, March 20, 2017

Air Seychelles, flying the Creole Spirit.

My journey begins...on a A320-200 Air Seychelles flight to Victoria.
I thought that I was going to be leaving the rainy South African weather behind,
I was to discover that I had brought it with me.
But, there was no rain on the plane...
In fact, not even snakes on the plane!
An uneventful (hopefully) and comfortable (definitely) 4.45 hour flight lay ahead.
If you don't want to think in terms of hours, 
think of it as a "two movie" flight.
The airline recently won both 
Best Cabin Crew and best Business Class in the Indian Ocean Awards,
and having experienced both, 
I believe that the awards are well deserved.

Upon landing at the Seychelles International Airport in Victoria,
I was met on the tarmac by ground staff from Air Seychelles,
who whisked me off to their VIP lounge.
Here my hand luggage was scanned and my passport stamped.
While being briefed by a representative from the Seychelles Tourism Board,
 my suitcase was retried at the luggage carousel and brought to the lounge.
Now THAT is service...
I think every traveller should get to experience a VIP lounge at least once.
I was going to be spending a couple of days on Mahe (the main island)
before flying to Praslin.

There are two ways to get to Praslin Island...
Visitors can either catch the ferry,
a 45-50 minute ride depending on the sea conditions.
Or, easier and quicker, a 15 minute flight
 on one of the domestic Air Seychelles flights
 on board a DHC-6 twin Otter- 300 series.

I am always happy when I know that my suitcase is actually on board the same aircraft as me.

Time for take off.
On the Otter, the interior of the cockpit is visible to the passengers.
It always seems to me that airports are constantly undergoing some sort of building activity.
If the scaffolding and screens are anything to go by,
then this is happening here as well.

Everyone seems to be wrapped up in their own thoughts...
or mobile phones...what did we do before the advent of this piece of technology?

Heading out over the Indian Ocean.
There was a bit of rain during the flight
and that continued for part of  my morning on Praslin.
I was going to be spending the night on the island, 
before returning back to Johannesburg

My first Seychelles sunrise!
And it was also my last.
Due to the overcast conditions during my stay,
this was the only sunrise I had witnessed during my 6 day stay.
Time to head back to Mahe to catch my return flight home.

The business class lounge at the airport.
Magazines, food, wi-fi and comfortable chairs while waiting for my flight to be called.

These are what the Seychelles is best known for,
tortoises and the Coco De Mer.

My breakfast of champions.
I decided to try a light breakfast in the lounge
 as I knew that I would be offered a meal on the flight.

Not some strange octopus,
but an Orchid as table decoration in the business class lounge

Business Class baby!
Or what the seating looks like on the other side of the curtain.
Not quite the "lie flat" of the long haul aircraft,
but comfortable enough for the "two movie" flight home.
Or in my case about one and a bit as I fell asleep shortly after I had finished my meal.
Watch the video:

A drink and a cool towel as we got on board
Both were most welcome.

Goodbye to Victoria,
I hope to be back next year.

My meal...served on proper crockery
and with real cutlery.

This is Roy Kinnear, the CEO of Air Seychelles.
I had an opportunity to chat to him about the airline and what they have to offer: 
Watch the video:
or listen to my interview with him:

This carrier will be flying directly from Durban to Victoria.
To find out more about their flight schedules,visit:

Find out more about what the Seychelles has to offer tourists:
Instagram -

Listen to the Podcast of my Seychelles Special radio show via this link:

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