Thursday, March 30, 2017

Andy's Acoustic Forum. March 2107

A first for me as I was using the evening to "road test" the recently released
Marks Park as a venue offers a challenge from a lighting perspective,
but this camera rose to the occasion superbly.
Shooting here in the past with a K5, I had to constantly adjust my setting,
but not for this show.
I was able to set the camera, and use the same setting for the entire evening.
ISO 1600,  1/160 and either f/5.6  or f/4.0 depending on the lens I was using.
I was shooting with both the Sigma 50-500mm as well as a Samsung 50-200mm.
I have to say that I was very impressed by the quality that this new 
addition to the Pentax range produced.
Smaller and more compact than the K3ii and lighter than the K1,
the KP does have some issues.
I was not enamoured with the new interchangeable grip system
and might be seen by some as expensive.
But the quality of the sensor and its low light capabilities 
are both positives that might sway a possible buyer.
That being said the top end ISO of 8192000 might be unobtainable,
but it sends a message that in the not too distant future,
these sort of speeds with produce usable images.

This is Oscar.
He greets the audience members as they arrive.
as well as looking after the merchandise sales.
Seeing that he sits in the dark,
he never features in my postings.
Tonight I corrected that!
Thanks for all your hard work.

 As always, Andy starts off the evening...
There are some interesting performances coming up over the next few weeks,
so keep an eye on their Facebook page:

 First up, a new act...
This is always a tough slot, especially for performers who have not played here before.
Jolanta brought something new...languages that we have not heard on this stage before.
Spanish and Polish!
But she did sing in English as well.

Accompanying her on keyboard and violin was Natasha.
It was mentioned that there are usually four members of this group,
but these two managed just fine.

 To quote legendary country music group Alabama...
"You gotta have a fiddle in the band".

 Jolanta reminded me (just a little) of Joan Biaz.
Thanks for being brave and opening the evening.

 Howie Combrink and JP (on bass) were next on stage.
Howie has performed here before, but it was about a year ago.
I did enjoy his style of music.

He looks a little surprised at the cord?
His interaction with the audience was relaxed as was his performance style.

 Trying to photograph a bass player is almost impossible!
They tend to live in a "space" of their own that often
 bears no resemblance to the music being performed.
JP was no different.
Luckily he had to step up to the mic for harmonies.

 A bitter sweet night for both this music event and South African music.
This was Josie Fields final performance in SA.
She is about to take her career to the "next level"
and has bought a one way ticket in order to 
spread her musical talents to an International audience.

Josie, we all wish you the very best for this new journey that you are embarking on.

Kevin and Josie played an unexpected encore.
Even though they had not rehearsed it, the audience would not let them leave.

A brand new talent...and from my home town, Port Elizabeth.
Stuart Reece has been in Johannesburg for the past 3 years,
but this was his d├ębut appearance on this stage.

 And he grabbed the opportunity with both hands.
A great talent and one that I hope gets to perform here again

He did walk on stage with a harmonica, which went unused...
A pity as his music lends itself to that sort of backing.

Last, but by NO means least...
Farrel Roth.
A physiotherapist by day and singer by night.

For some reason he reminds me of a Brooklyn taxi driver...
I kept waiting for him to say
"Are you talking to me"...
but he did not.

 What he did do was end off the evening in awesome style.

And he brought a kazoo with him.
An instrument that I have not heard or seen in the longest time.
Thanks for the return visit Farrel, come back soon.
The next "regular" evening will take place on April 26th.

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