Monday, March 27, 2017

Seychelles trip,2017. Coral Strand Hotel.

This was the second of four hotels that I stayed at during my recent stay on Mahe.
Much like all the other hotels, the reception was open and actually
linked the car park to the beach and restaurant/swimming pool area.
The staff here were very friendly and accommodating.

Even with the ocean less than 20m away,
there has to be a pool!
The building on the right is a sushi restaurant.

Not difficult to grow plants like this when the outdoor ambient temperature/humidity level
is similar to that inside a greenhouse

My room...
The hotel was full (it was in season after all) 
so my room overlooked the car park and not the beach.
Not a huge problem, as I was here to run a race 
and get to see what Victoria had to offer tourists, not much time was spent here. 

Another view of my accommodation.
I almost forgot some clothing in the cupboard on the side of the mirror.
There was also a safe and a couple of shelves ( for those who unpack)

The bathroom...or to be correct,
the shower room...but more than big enough for all the necessary ablutions.

This is something that I had not seen before.
The cap to the bathroom product range has to be "broken" off to get to the contents.
Once this "seal" has been broken,
the cap can be used in the normal manner.
This means the product bottles cannot be refilled,
and hygiene is guaranteed.
A very simple but effective way to let your guests know that
the products they will be using are "fresh".

Brightly coloured furniture on the balcony,
but not much privacy...
I did get to say "hello" to my neighbours
while hanging up my running kit after the Eco Friendly Marathon.

The some of the bird life on the island is similar to that we have back in South Africa.
This White Fairy Tern for instance is not too dissimilar from the Terns we have back home.
Trying to photograph them was almost like trying to capture an image of a aerobatic display
when you have no idea of the routine.
They seemed to have no particular flight path,
and it took a while to get this particular image.

The hotel has direct access to the beach...
and being the Indian Ocean, it is warm and welcoming...
Like most island beaches, the public at large have access to them, not only hotel guests.

A great destination for families...
But beware of the sun.
Being only 4 degrees South of the Equator, it gets REALLY hot.
Even when it is overcast (in fact, especially when it is overcast!)
I learned this the hard way during a previous visit where I spent two hours with no shirt
and no sunscreen during a forest walk.
Needless to say, for the rest of my time during that stay, I hurt.
And I had the tan line for years afterwards.

If you don't want to just sit on the beach,
then why not try some of the more adventurous activities on offer?

Or you can take a walk along the beach 
which stretches of a couple of km's in both directions.

One of the locals...
A tough day at the "office"?
My view from the hotel dining room.

And then the rain came...
A torrential downpour, the likes of which I have never witnessed before.
But, unlike the "regular" rain that most counties experience,
this was was warm rather than cold.
The sensation was not unlike being in a shower with your clothes on.
Watch the video:

The hills almost vanished in the downpour.

Rain pouring off the roof outside the dining room.

The guy in the blue shirt does NOT look happy!
My coconut pre-dinner drink.

As it was the night before my road race, I wanted pasta,
and the hotel offers great Italian food.

My post race treat...
Mini lemon meringue pies eaten with fresh fruit while looking out over the ocean!
I did enjoy my time at this hotel.

It does have a sister property, The Savoy, which is just down the road.
Try to get a room that overlooks the sea if possible,
as to be on an island and face buildings or a car park is not ideal.

In order to get around on the main island, 
I used Gilly Mein.
I can highly recommend him as both a driver and a guide.
His knowledge and passion for the Seychelles and its history
made for some interesting in-car conversations.

Find out more about what the Seychelles has to offer tourists:

This carrier will soon be flying directly from Durban to Victoria.
Watch what the CEO, Roy Kinnear had to say:

Listen to the Podcast of my Seychelles Special radio show via this link:

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