Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Angela's Picnic in Delta Park, Johannesburg.

This event took place in Delta Park recently.
The clue to the fact that it was taking place was when
 I saw two Mustangs and a Cobra drive past our house.

I am not really a petrol head,
but I have watched enough car/bike shows on TV 
to believe that one day I too might start a restoration project of some sort.
Like this MONSTER car...a HUGE engine,
wooden floorboards, wicker seats and not much else.
But is it street legal?

Pretty Cobras all in a row.
Some are probably kit cars, or perhaps I am mistaken.
But they do look spectacular

The picnic was not only for cars,
although I am certain that it was difficult to attach a picnic basket to this chopper
The art work on the tank is intricate and
 probably took longer to complete than the actual bike took to build.

Regal beauty in amongst the roar of the modern sports cars.
This Roller certainly attracted attention

Cars from this era all had hood ornaments
that reflected either the marque or the individual who owned the vehicle.
"Spirit of ecstasy", the pride of Rolls Royce, was first seen on a vehicle in 1911.
The model was a young lady, Miss Thornton, who was to die in 1915,
when the ship she was on was sunk by a U-boat. 

A slew of old badges as well as external hooters.
The old style AA badge is rather prominent front and centre

Wild life in Delta Park?
The leaping Jaguar on the hood of this model.

I am uncertain if this particular hood ornament has a name.
But is is very Art Deco and would be from the 1930's when these were all the rage 

Could you imagine one of these on a modern sedan?

For me, this was one of  the highlights of my morning perambulations.
There is SO much that can be done with a Beetle.

The heart of the beast...

Like father, like son?
Or daughter...
The picnic was well attended by men and women alike.
Lots of children in the nearby playground 
attested to the fact that this was primarily a family event

There is more chrome on the front of this Chev Corvair,
than in most modern cars.

When last have YOU seen a white wall tyre?

Many of the owners dressed to suit the model of the car that they had on show.
The runner on the left did not seem to be to concerned that this part of the Delta
was now populated by cars, owners and a slew of lookers-on.

This arrived just before I left...
A stunning car in what looked like Concourse condition.
But this was not about looks,
it was about having an outing and enjoying the cars and the attention.

One of the most iconic car badges,
The Mustang.

This original Riley hood ornament called Ski Lady, 
dates from the 1930's. 
This is a beautiful example of Art Deco artwork

I am told that collectors will often pay more for cars that are in original condition
than those that have been restored.
Back in the day, this was called rust...
Now it is called patina, and is highly prized by purists.

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