Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Paradise Sun, Praslin , Seychelles. My final stop.

To get to each of the first three hotels that I stayed at,
I had a car and a driver.
To get to my final hotel, I had a PLANE!
Not a private charter, but a scheduled Air Seychelles flight from Victoria to Praslin.
The flight takes about 15 minutes, but there is the option of using the scheduled ferry .
 Depending on the sea conditions, the ride could take up to an hour

The reception area of the Paradise Sun.
For those living in South Africa,
they might recognize  that this hotel is part of the Tsogo Sun group.
Another cheery, open and welcoming reception area.

The verdant foliage on both sides of the path that leads to the main dining area.
Coming from drought ravaged South Africa,
where the the primary colours there are brown and dust,
to see this much green was a welcome change.

Afternoon tea is served here.
Under the cooling breeze created by the overhead fans

My "companion" while I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a biscuit

Although the Indian Ocean is only a short walk away,
this pool was being well utilized by children,
while their parents were enjoying the afternoon tea offerings. 

The pool deck on an overcast afternoon. 

My bedroom for the evening...
Not enormous, but big enough.

That being said,
the bathroom, by comparison, 
was larger than I expected

Another view of the bedroom.
Off to the right was a dressing area that had a desk.
But seeing that that space had no view, other than a mirror and a blank wall,
I decided to wander around the resort until dinner.

I did not even have the opportunity to enjoy sitting on my private verandah.

The sliding shutter doors allowed me to leave the interior doors open
and still have privacy.

This is where I would later have dinner...

Just one of the many guests chillin' in a chair at the edge of the Ocean.
I find the ocean hypnotic,
and if I was to relax in a lounger, I would have dozed off in a heartbeat.

Or for the more energetic...

Almost dinner time...
As I had to be up at 05h00 to catch my flight back to the mainland,
I decided to have an early dinner.

A little bit of everything...including vegetables.
The meal was served buffet style, 
with guests helping themselves to starters, mains and desserts.

And speaking of desserts...
It seemed that the majority on offer were chocolate based.
But there was fresh fruit, always a good option for me.

This female crab decided to "walk" through the dining area.
She was looking for a place to lay her eggs (the dark patch under her carapace)
I wonder if she new that family members were being served as part of the meal!
Watch the video:

A great resort to end off my stay in Seychelles.

My awesome driver/ guide during my time on Praslin.
If you are going to be visiting this island, I highly recommend Michael.
A most interesting travelling companion, with tales to tell
and information to share.
He was on time and even though I overslept...
 he got me to the airport timeously!

Find out more about what the Seychelles has to offer tourists:

This carrier will soon be flying directly from Durban to Victoria.
Watch what the CEO, Roy Kinnear had to say:

Listen to the Podcast of my Seychelles Special radio show via this link:

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