Monday, April 3, 2017

Seychelles 2017, Constance Ephelia, a highlight. Part 3...the food.

The entrance to the Corossol restaurant at Constance Ephelia,
Plenty of seating, and great food on offer, buffet style.
As the main restaurant at the resort, 
eating here is included in all the packages.

My dinner...a bit of everything.
And I made certain that there were vegetables on my plate.
It is very easy to fall into the trap of eating three full meals a day when on holiday.
And especially the desserts at dinner.
I tend to try and only have a dessert every second night which balances out the meals...
Or that is what I like to believe.

A variety of fresh fruit on offers.
The conical shaped items are in fact small "windmills" to keep insects away.

This is a much better option than a dessert.
Fresh fruit, beautifully displayed is always difficult to ignore.

But then there was their bread!
I limited myself to just one slice, but, truth be told,it was so delicious that I returned for seconds.

An array of taster sizes dishes.
The displays are so beautiful that I almost did not want to "disturb" them and try the food.

And I had to try one of these...

Seselwa is a Creole themed restaurant where I had my final dinner.
And what a dinner it turned out to be!

Food is not only about eating, or how it is plated.
The décor in a restaurant is very important...
and these salad oil bottles show the extent that Constance go when it comes to detail.

It might have looked fearsome, 
but this fish did taste delicious.

The plating of food that I had not experienced before was sublime.

And portion sizes were perfect.
As this meal was served buffet style, guests can return more than once should they wish to.

And with a display like this, who would not!

In 1993, I was in Seychelles to work on a Miss World TV Pageant.
The hotel we stayed at served Bat Curry and, of course,I had to try it.
Although this "delicacy" can be found on the menu in some West African countries
 is not served in South Africa.
When I was asked what the experience was like,
my response was : "David does not eat Bats often" ( a play on my surname)
24 years later, I had forgotten what it tasted like, so I requested some...
In all honesty, the dish might not be to everyone's taste, and not because of the expertise of the chef.
It is the mammal itself...very small and VERY bony.
This meant that the meat looks appetizing, 
but once I had taken a mouthful, it became apparent that most was bone.
But I had asked for it, so I ate it.
A couple who were sitting near me did enquire what I was eating.
Once told, they decided that they were not as adventurous as I was 
and declined my offer.
Watch my video:

This meal was a "dessert meal" for me
and I ended off with one of these...

A very early breakfast as my final meal,
so just a croissant and cheese before I left for the airport and my flight to Praslin.

"A magical place to revive your senses".
So says their advertising,
and it CERTAINLY is.
My sojourn here was the highlight of the time I spent in Seychelles.
But be 'warned', two nights is not nearly enough to fully appreciate
all the amenities or the food variations that they offer.
A longer stay is DEFINITELY required! 

In order to get around on the main island, 
I used Gilly Mein.
I can highly recommend him as both a driver and a guide.
His knowledge and passion for the Seychelles and its history
made for some interesting in-car conversations.

Find out more about what the Seychelles has to offer tourists:

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Watch what the CEO, Roy Kinnear had to say:

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