Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Victoria, Mahe Seychelles. Sights and sounds( contains video footage)

At the "View Point" on Mahe...
This is all that is left of the Venn's Town...
a boarding school set up in 1875 by Rev William Chancellor to care for 
and educate children of slaves freed by the British Navy
The "Mission" (as it was known) was closed in 1899, 
when the pupils left to attend school in Victoria.
The school carried on unofficially until 1903.
Watch the video:

This tree lined pathway leads to the lookout point on the top of the hill.
The video behind the story of these trees:

A time line of historical events...

This tree looks like a sleeping Anaconda!
Or one of the Dragons from Game of Thrones...
This is a Mahogany tree, which I have never seen before in the "wild"...

Unfortunately, the majority of the trees along side the path
are either dead or dying from diseases brought about by an insect species. 

From the View Point 1

From the View Point 2

From the View Point 3

Looking down on Victoria from a view point on the road to the View Point.
Even though the city is built up, there is a lot of greenery visible.
This area was originally settled by the French in 1778.
The British were ceded control in 1814, and it was they that named it Victoria.

Wind turbines...3 of the 8 that can be found in Victoria.

Of the 91000 people who live in Seychelles Islands, 
27000 call Victoria home.
See the video:

This reclaimed land is called Eden Island
and is home to multi-millionaires.
Judging from the huge motor yacht moored in the habour,
at least one of them were "at home"...

"Toys" of the rich and perhaps not so famous.
The storm that was building broke later that afternoon.

I was hosted by the Seychelles Tourism Board  at Bravo Restaurant, 
which happens to be managed by ex-Capetonians.
It is situated next to the Paradise Island sales office...
I wonder how many deals have been struck here?

While waiting for lunch.
I went to have a look at this school of fish that were scavenging on scraps
fed to them by diners.

Catch of the day for lunch...
Not from the school that I had been watching

I got all excited when I saw this Copen...why?
I have a white one back in South Africa.

In order to get around on the main island, 
I used Gilly Mein.
I can highly recommend him as both a driver and a guide.
His knowledge and passion for the Seychelles and its history
made for some interesting in-car conversations.

Find out more about what the Seychelles has to offer tourists:

This carrier will soon be flying directly from Durban to Victoria.
Watch what the CEO, Roy Kinnear had to say:

Listen to the Podcast of my Seychelles Special radio show via this link:

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