Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Satori Restaurant, Linden.

July 4th...an auspicious day for both the USA
and Linden, Johannesburg.
It was the date on which the renovations started to extend Satori restaurant.
It was also an emotional day as the suburb said farewell to Leono's Hairstylist.

Inside the work began in earnest to knock through into the existing dining area.
Jack-hammers, cold chisels and an array of other equipment
was brought in to get the majority of the demolition work done as quickly as possible.

 Soon the part became a hole and the holes would soon  connect the two spaces
into one collective whole

The majority of the work was completed by July 15th.
Tiling was being installed, electrics had been completed and the new bar was taking shape.

If the new space was looking all bright and new, 
then the existing frontage had to be spruced up as well.
The current entrance will remain the primary access to both the old and new dining areas.

July 21st.
The new furniture had arrived and had been stained to match the existing d├ęcor. 

News of the extension spread like wildfire through the suburb.
On July 22, a mere 19 days since the first hammer blow,
the new extension was opened to the public.
And what a reception both the space and the new Portuguese menu received.

The bar was buzzing the entire night,
and barman Michael certainly had his work cut out for him.

July 24th...official launch date.
Lloyd proudly shows off his new extension frontage...

For those who enjoy the pizza and pasta that has been served by Satori for more than a decade,
fear not...it will all remain on the menu.
The pizza that was served at the re-launch proved just how popular they are.
They vanished faster than Usain Blot can run the 100m!

The venue was packed to capacity for the re-launch.
Family, regulars, friends, and the media, mingled
 and enjoyed the food and the ambiance

The renovations were done in such a manner that they look like they have always been there,
just hidden behind a wall...
It is almost impossible to tell the difference between the old and the new

This couple was enjoying a slice of pizza while waiting to try the new dishes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new menu"...

This is what the crowd was waiting for...
to try these items off the new menu.

One of the guests tucking into the new food offering

"Finger-eating goodness"... is what this diner said

"Put another chicken on the grill"...
The new Chef will have his work cut out for him.

Owner Lloyd with his wife, children, and sister-in-law.
After the chaos of the last few weeks they will be glad to have Dad home again.

Jumping for joy...
The renovations are complete, the rubble has been removed
and the venue is now officially open to the public.

You can find the restaurant in 4th Avenue, Linden
To book call 011 8887452.
They are open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.
Closed on Monday.

Support local, support Linden.

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