Monday, December 11, 2017

The Braai Room-Country Meat opens in Linden.

There is a restaurant in our suburb.
Ironically, it finds itself in a space that was previously a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.
The Braai Room can be found on the corner of Standard Drive and 1st Ave, Linden.

If it has "Braai" in the name, then there has to be flames...
Flames are deceptively hypnotic, as can be attested to by those
 who huddle around their weekend braai fires...watching the meat burn.

There are some elements of the previous restaurant still visible,
but the menu has changed radically.
The indoor d├ęcor has an accent on darker colours and comfortable leather booths.

For those with youngsters, this play equipment will keep them occupied,
while you enjoy your meal.

From the inside looking out.
Just a pity that the view is of 1st Ave, Linden 
and not the Indian or Atlantic Oceans.

These are some of the current opening specials.
Don't delay, these might not be around indefinitely.

To quote Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee):
"THIS is a knife"...
But ask for the correct cut of meat and 
having it cooked correctly almost obviates the need for a sharp instrument.

There is a comprehensive range of beer, wines and spirits on offer.

This is what the customers are queuing for...
Char-grilled meat, done to perfection. 

My wife and I shared a starter.
In this case it was crispy chicken livers with a delicious dipping sauce

The portion was more than sufficient to satisfy both of us,
knowing that there was still a main course AND dessert to come.
Although I am not a fan of spicy food,
the spicy, creamy tomato dip was the perfect accompaniment to this dish 

Neither my wife nor I have every eaten Wagyu beef before,
So we decided that we would 
I was brought several cuts of Wagyu beef to choose from,
and I finally decided on this Rib-eye steak
 which came with sweet potato and beer-battered onion rings.
Done medium rare the steak was pure bliss 
and totally different to any steak I have eaten before.

As the staff explained to me, it is all about the "marbling".
And this portion certainly proved their point.
It is certainly not a cheap cut of meat, but it was worth every cent.

My wife chose a Wagyu burger, with a salad instead of fries.
Her verdict seemed to echo mine as she did enjoy her meal.
The bun and the vanished in double quick time.
The salad was large and more than sufficient...
and it had more than just lettuce and tomato.

Another shared dish...
The iconic Malva pudding and a delicious vanilla ice-cream.
The pudding was of the correct consistency 
and did not leave a sweet after taste in my mouth.
Currently the dessert menu is a tad small...
this pudding, Nutella chocolate brownies and cake of the day are the choices.
However, as the Braai Room has only been open for a short while at this venue,
that will no doubt be addressed.
That being said, do diners really need more choices? 

For those, like me, who do't know about the ageing process...
here is a "crash course"
To find out more about the Braai Room,
visit their Facebook page:
Or their website:

Support local, support Linden.

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