Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wild life in the Pilanesberg. Another visit to Tented Adventures.

Frolicking hippos in front of my lens.
Time to see what else is "lurking" in the Pilanesburg National Park

Mom and youngster having some fun.

This giraffe had overdosed on the salt lick.
It was rather amusing to watch his reaction the the overload.
Luckily Giraffe have an inordinately long tongue, so the clean-up was easy.

But a long drink of water did not go amiss.

Two Wildebeest bulls contesting the right to claim this piece of salt.
The salt is supplied by park management as supplementation.

"I am talking to you"...
Two Impala rams square off for some mock fighting

When you are the predominant prey species in an area, 
being on constant alert is essential.

Mud, mud, glorious mud...
Well this Warthog seemed to think so.

This Hippo was doing barrel rolls...
A behaviour I have not witnessed before.

No sooner was he upright and this terrapin was on his back.
It seems a common practice for the reptiles to use hippos as a resting place.

While out on a self drive, I turned a corner and found THIS on the side of the road.
A rather imposing sight to say the least.

"My vet said that I was not to lift heavy objects"...

My what big ears you have...
A young female Kudu on alert.

Not a Zebra crossing...
This is a Zebra standing still.

A rather majestic Waterbuck.

I wondered why this Water Monitor was walking so slowly...
Then I noticed that his back foot and part of his tail were missing.

An unusual sighting...
A Black Rhino out in the open.

A White Rhino post a mud wallow

The main tent at Tented Adventures, my home for this trip.

A view of the Tented Adventures camp from my accommodation

Why not take a walk on the wild-side and come and enjoy our food and hospitality
 at Tented Adventures, Pilanesberg.
To find out more about what we offer,
visit our website:

Tented Adventures recently won a Lilizela Tourism award!
Well done to all concerned.

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