Thursday, April 26, 2018

Andy's Acoustic Forum. April, 2018

Andy McGibbon...
Not on stage introducing the opening act,
 but behind his mixing desk, keeping an ear on the audio.
In all the years I have been to these evenings, 
I think that I have seen Andy perform only once.
Perhaps it is time for him to do a set?

In case the audience was uncertain who this duo was,
they brought a banner with them.
Cherry Pill, featuring Kristel and Rory.
Opening act...always a difficult slot, but someone has to step up.
Not as well attended as other evenings, there might not have been a large audience, 
but they were enthusiastic.

Blessed with a great voice and backed by talented violin (fiddle?) playing,
Kristel certainly had the audience eating from the palm of her hand.
And Rory is not to shabby on the vocals and guitar either.

I had to admire the duo for trying out new material in front of a live audience.
Much like a stand-up comedian, you only get to know how good
 your material/songs are once you are in front of a live audience.
Someone once told me that stand-up is the where
 you get to rehearse in front of a live audience.
I have a suspicion that with music it is similar.
According to Andy...this was best looking act of the evening.
And he was right!

Bruce Dennill was up next...
One of only two performers I know that still use a 12-string guitar on stage.

His music encompasses much of his faith,
but in a way that makes you stop and think.
I have followed his career for many years, 
and he is going from strength to strength.
He is currently in studio, working on a new album...
look out for his music on iTunes.

To say that Bruce's set came to an unfortunate end would be doing him a disservice.
To say that his guitar playing came to an unexpected end
would be more accurate.
He developed a cramp in his left forearm that left him unable to play his last two songs.
But did that deter him? It certainly did not...
He decided to do those songs acapella...and they worked.
Not the way a solo musician want to end a set,
but well done for closing out in style.
Now get yourself off to the gym to do forearm exercises.

Stewart Irving and Mike Pepper...just two old rockers.
Probably my favourite act of the evening.
And only because they are from "my" generation 
and I can identify with their music.

Great patter and even better music,
I could have listened to them all night.

Their penultimate song was "Chained to the wind",
a song penned by Stewart and one that I could sing along to...
Albeit quietly from the side of the stage as I continued to take pictures.
This is what the song sounds like:

Last, but by no means least...
Christoff Beukes.

I have seen him as part of a duo before, 
but seeing him solo was a first for me.

A great set to end of yet another evening of fine original acoustic music.
These events should really be more widely marketed
and the participants need to be selling merchandise
 to get their music to the masses.

The next evening will be on Wednesday, 30th May
 at Marks Park Emmarentia, Johannesburg.
The first set usually starts at around 19h30.
Entrance costs R70.00 and food is available to be purchased.





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