Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mziki Safari Lodge.North West Province

Guests are warmly greeted when they arrive at Mziki Safari Lodge.
Most of the drive is on a toll free highway, the lodge is an easy 2 hour drive
 from either Johannesburg or Pretoria.
The final part of the journey is on a gravel road that leads to the Lodge main entrance.
Welcoming drinks and paperwork!
The two items that new arrivals will receive at any lodge.
Expertly handled by the staff, this is done quickly
so that visitors can be taken to their accommodation.

This large airy room was to be my home for the duration of my stay.
It is one of four rooms attached to the main lodge building.

and this is the view that I enjoyed...
 The swimming pool and the waterhole
that is not too far from the boundary fence.

The other accommodation offered is in the form of these thatched chalets.
Also they are found on one section of the property,
they are spaced far enough apart of offer the occupants a level of privacy.

A male Ostrich struts his stuff...if somewhat disdainful of the camera.
This reserve is home to both male and females,
a species not seen in many other reserves in the area.

An African Spoonbill wades in the water
while a Water Monitor basks in the morning sunshine.

A majestic male Kudu, posing in the open.
An unusual occurrence
as these antelope much prefer thickets 
were they are less vulnerable to predators.

An interesting discovery inside a pile of Wildebeest dung.
This iridescent green beauty is a Dung Beetle.

Not too far away from the sighting, our guide, Geyser, 
found predator scat, probably Jackal.
Unlike with the herbivores, where the dung can be picked up by hand,
where carnivores are involved,
it is better not to touch.
He took time to inform, educate and entertain the guests
with facts about both the animal and the possible contents of the scat.

The oldest joke in the field guide handbook...
"What is that ahead"?
"Its a Zebra crossing"...
And sometimes the guests will laugh.

A Hamerkop takes flight...
This large and somewhat ungainly bird gets its name from the shape of its head.
It can usually be found along the river banks, searching for fish or frogs.

There is nothing better that the aroma
 of meat that has been prepared over an open fire.
Dinner, African style.

And who says that you cannot have a fine dining experience at a braai?
A beautifully plated dessert to end off a wonderful meal.
Well done to all the staff that were involved.

From L to R:
Byron, Executive Chef Kego and Geyser.
 The lodge team that have the comfort and enjoyment of their guests as a priority.
Be it on a drive with either Byron or Geyser,
or sitting down to a meal lovingly prepared by Kego and her staff.

And what better way to end off an exciting day in the African bush.
A spectacular sunset...never the same twice.

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