Friday, March 1, 2019

Andy's Acoustic Forum. A new format for 2019

This posting is dedicated to the memory of
Andy McGibbon.

The first Forum of 2019.
This year Andy has decided to try something different.
Only 4 shows during the year,
but with awesome artists AND a proper lighting rig!

Andy doing what he does best...aside from operating the audio desk
Introducing the performers and acting as the on-stage technician.

Daniel Irving
Like son like father?
Daniel is the son of well know musician Steward Irving.
Opening a show is never easy and I was told that he 
was performing at Andy's for the first time.
And he was doing it as a solo artist.
 Normally he performs together with a band in a different music genre.
He was a great opening act and set the bar for the rest of the evening.

Steve Rusznyak...a regular at these evenings.
His set seemed to set the theme for the rest of the acts.
It was a night of introspective music to say the least.

Laurie Levine was up next.
Although billed as an acoustic evening, she chose to use an electric guitar.
She has been off the circuit for a few months, writing new material
and getting over the end of a relationship.
It was good to see her back on stage.
Check out her latest album called "Canyons".

Remember Elemental from back in the '80's? 
If you do then you will undoubtedly remember Tim Parr.
He had backing singers join him for most of his performance,
and they added a layer of harmonies that took
 this set to a whole new level.

Tim is just one of two acoustic legends that performed on this show.
I don't believe that we respect our local artists nearly as much as we should.
Although there was a relatively full house, 
it seems that our audiences are apathetic to say the least.
They would rather spend huge amounts of money to see international artists,
many of who are well past their sell-by date.
Could you imagine this happening to Eric Clapton?
I would like to believe that if HE was to perform at a similar gig
in HIS home town it would be sold out.
Rant over...

Lionel Bastos took time out from his stints on cruise yachts
 to enthrall the audience with his music.
To prove the point that I made earlier about recognition and respect,
Lionel has been invited to join a song writers workshop in Austin, Tx later this year.
And that invite comes on the back of just ONE of his songs.
Well done Lionel, I hope that you rock Austin...
and that we get to see you here again soon.

No country for old men?
But a bit of acoustic rock never hurt.
Tim and Lionel show what professionalism is all about.

Michael Plaxton-Harrison finished off the evening.
Not easy following two legends but he did a great job and
 the audience left feeling  like they had gotten good value for their money.

Just to prove that I was working...quietly in my favourite corner of the stage.
Thanks to Cathie van Rooyen for the image.

The next evening will be on Wednesday, 29th May
 at Marks Park Emmarentia, Johannesburg.
The first set usually starts between 19h30. and 20h00
Entrance costs R70.00 and food is available to be purchased.
Enquiries: 0826511094

To see who else were winners in 2018, visit:

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