Friday, August 16, 2019

In and around Karongwe camp. EcoTraining

My accommodation during my stay at the EcoTraining camp at Karongwe.
Like all the other camps, it is unfenced. A fact that was brought home 
to me when trying to get back to my tent one evening...
only to find a HUGE buffalo bull grazing quietly outside it!
There followed a 'stand-off' while I waited patiently for him
to leave of his own accord...which he eventually did.

The view from my deck...
Winter in the bush can be dry and very dusty.
However, that being said, there is still beauty to be found.

Like this Impala Lily. 
A splash of colour against a background of brown.

They say that an army marches on its stomach...
Well so do the EcoTraining Field Guides and students!
Everyone gets involved at mealtimes.
Here, instructor Richard Davis carries a home-made pizza to the dining area.

Even I got involved.
This is how students are called to meals
 at the Selati and Karongwe EcoTraining camps
It took years of practice to get to blow like this!
And no, I did NOT rehearse on a Vuvuzela.

Part of the Field Guide job description is "presentation".
This is back-up guide, Benni Hintz, prepping the tables for a
farewell dinner for the students to end off their course.
Grasses from around the camp make great table decorations.
And recycled paper bags with tea-lights added to the ambience of the evening.

This young Nyala was wandering through camp 
together with the rest of the family before breakfast.

 During a meal, we spotted this giraffe watching us through
 the trees on the opposite bank of the river that runs near the camp

From my vantage point in the library,
I look down on the kitchen(centre) and the lecture room on the right.
There is a communal space above can be utilized for yoga classes
or, when the weather is hot as sleeping quarters
(there is a similar space above the kitchen)

After the morning activity(either a walk or a drive, depending on the course)
the students enjoy a hearty breakfast followed by a topical lecture.

All the EcoTraining camps have two things in common.
1] They are unfenced
2] They all have volleyball courts.

While in Karongwe, I got to chat to American actress
 and former Miss National Teenager, LaVelda Conrad.
Finally, she has found her happy place,
listen to her story:

The perfect way to end off a day in the African bush.

Listen to what Anton Lategan, MD of EcoTraining has to say
about the company and their ethos.
And then follow his call to action and sign up!

All images are the copyright property
and may not be used without prior permission.

This is the EcoTraining mission statement... 
1] Vision: To be the global leader in environmental education
 by reconnecting people with nature...
For me, the most important part of
  that statement is the word *reconnecting
2] Mission: To provide inspirational & immersive learning experiences
 for professional safari guides and guardians of nature
and finally...
3] Values: Inspire. Professionalism. Caring and Accountability.
Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself and your future?
If so, then visit their website for more information:

This has been my constant travel companion 
for the past several years.
It might look worn,
but that represents the kilometres/miles
we have shared together.
From Kilimanjaro to the beaches of India.
To coach trips across Europe and Vietnam
and to a variety of game lodges and road trip destinations
 in South and Southern Africa.
Check out their Facebook page:

This torch has been turning heads!
The Olight SRS2UT Intimidator.
Marketed locally by:

My camera brand of choice for more than 4 decades!

When it is time to print out my special images,
this is the company that I rely on to do that.

Bush gear to make me blend in...
in comfort and style.

Breaking in my new pair of Green Veldskoen Shoes.
They are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes
that I have ever owned.
Now to try out the rest of the colours in the range.

When I get home. I rely on this ISP
to provide me with high-speed fibre connectivity 
to enable me to get my postings published in record time.

This Powerbank is my constant companion
 while I am travelling.
It can do up to 4 full re-charges of my phone before
needing to be charged.
Supplied by...

ALWAYS choose to be Batman.
My constant travelling companion.
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I could not do without this awesome laptop bag from Solo.
Padded for protection and with enough pockets to keep
almost everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink in,
this is definitely a stylish addition to any business presentation.
Be it in the boardroom or the bush.
This bag can also be worn as a backpack. 
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